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Patrick Guida, Ann Strong and Bob Shea (from left to right) stand outside Nayatt School with their campaign signs.

Barrington incumbent soured by election day comments

Barrington incumbent soured by election day comments

Three candidates from two political parties stood outside Nayatt School in Barrington on Tuesday afternoon braving the chilly temperatures while holding campaign signs. For one candidate — Republican Patrick Guida — one comment a voter shared with him turned out to be colder than the weather. Mr. Guida, who went on to garner the most

The governor recently nominated Barrington School Committee member Patrick Guida to the state board of education.

Barrington School Committee chairman hopes to keep leading

  Patrick “Buzz” Guida, a Republican and longtime member of the Barrington School Committee, sat in front of the television set inside the American Legion building on Tuesday night. He split time watching the Fox News national telecast of the presidential race, talking to others who had gathered at the Legion hall, and scanning the

Patrick "Buzz" Guida will retain his seat on the Barrington School Committee. Fellow Republican Chris Ramsden, an incumbent, failed to garner the needed votes for a second term.

Guida, Shea and Dominguez win Barrington school board seats

Longtime incumbent Patrick “Buzz” Guida will be serving another four years on the Barrington School Committee, joined by fellow incumbent Robert Shea Jr. and newcomer Paula Dominguez. Mr. Guida is a Republican, while Mr. Shea and Ms. Dominguez are Democrats. Republican Chris Ramsden finished fourth in the three-person race, slightly ahead of his wife, Meg,