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East Providence City Council President James Briden (far right) listens to U.S. Senator Jack Reed announce the release of Google settlement money to the city to fund its police pension liability Friday, Jan. 11. State Revenue Director Rosemary Booth Gallogly and Gov. Lincoln Chafee are seated to Mr. Briden's right.

East Providence Google dollars are intended for pensions, not public coffers

East Providence Google dollars are intended for pensions, not public coffers

EAST PROVIDENCE — The Google case settlement money freed up to East Providence by the United States Department of Justice Friday, Jan. 11, is for use to fund the city’s police pension liability, not to fill the public coffers. That is the understanding of all involved, including City Council President James Briden. Mr. Briden, who


East Providence Police union hopes Google money spurs contract negotiations

EAST PROVIDENCE — The decision Friday, Jan. 11, by federal authorities to release a significant portion of the city’s Google settlement money for use towards filling the gaping hole in the law enforcement pension fund could spur a larger agreement between East Providence and the police union. At least that’s the hope of rep Kevin

Will we see online gaming with Google+

Google has recently released it’s answer to the social media giant Facebook with it’s own social platform Google+. Similar to Facebook, Google+ allows you to share your thoughts, photos and videos with friends and other personal connections but in a clean, streamlined interface. Features are limited now with more options becoming available with the full

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