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Sophia Elmsley, 5, introduces herself to the other students in her class during kindergarten orientation at Hathaway School last week.

Portsmouth orientation heads off first-day jitters

Portsmouth orientation heads off first-day jitters

PORTSMOUTH — There were some anxious faces in Vicky Flaherty’s kindergarten classroom at Hathaway School last week, but not for long. “It’s OK to be a little nervous on the first day of school, but on your first day you’re also going to make new friends,” Ms. Flaherty told her students last Thursday during kindergarten orientation,

Barrington Schools Superintendent Michael Messore

Barrington school district forming full-day K task force

Barrington Schools Superintendent Michael Messore said Thursday night that he is fully committed to implementing full-day kindergarten in Barrington. Mr. Messore also told the school committee he wanted to build a task force that would study the full-day kindergarten issue and help construct a plan for bringing the program to Barrington in the 2014-15 school

Letter: Full-day kindergarten in Barrington still needs to be added this fall

To the editor: As you know, the motion to add funds to the budget to implement full-day kindergarten this fall was voted down at the Financial Town Meeting — 185 to 148. However, our community offered resounding support for the implementation of full-day kindergarten! The vote against the addition of funds to the school budget

John Cregan, shown at the financial town meeting, says officials need to remove the barriers and roll up their sleeves and find a way to get full-day kindergarten implemented this fall.

Barrington resident to officials: Let’s get full-day K done!

John Cregan has a message for Barrington officials: It’s time to roll up your sleeves, remove the barriers and find a way to get full-day kindergarten implemented this fall within the current budget. Mr. Cregan, a long-time resident of Barrington, attended the financial town meeting on Wednesday night and found himself feeling confused by some

Barrington resident Ivy Rollins Milliken, shown petitioning school officials to add full-day kindergarten, will have the opportunity to vote on a $633,000 amendment at tonight's financial town meeting. The money matches the cost estimate to implement full-day kindergarten this fall.

Full-day kindergarten in Barrington: A $633,000 question

It all comes down to this. One night. One meeting. One chance to vote an additional $633,000 into the school department budget. Tonight, May 22, taxpayers attending the annual financial town meeting in Barrington will be asked to vote yea or nay to Waseca Avenue resident Amy Morton’s amendment, which calls for a significant increase

Letter: Full-day kindergarten restores important balance

To the editor: If you are like me, you are probably wondering whether full-day kindergarten is the right move for kids.  When I volunteered to sit on the All-Day Kindergarten subcommittee, this was my question too.  As a school psychologist, mother of two, and consumer of educational research, I wondered whether full-day or half-day was

Letter: Barrington kindergartners worth the $633,000 increase

To the editor: While I am not an educator, with training in curriculum development or education policy, I am a parent who takes an involved interest in her children’s education, as do most Barrington parents. Most of the members of the school committee, however, have impressive professional backgrounds in education, as does the school superintendent

Letter: Reasons why you shouldn’t support a Barrington school budget increase

To the editor: This year’s Financial Town Meeting (FTM) promises to be another fight to keep a lid on taxes. A vocal minority of parents who want to implement All-day Kindergarten have entered a motion to be voted on at the FTM that raises the school budget by an additional $633,000, more than doubling the