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Chili peppers are one of the foods some supertasters can’t tolerate.

Are things getting too hot in the kitchen?

Are things getting too hot in the kitchen?

By Lynda Rego I don’t like chili peppers or cayenne. Or broccoli rabe and other bitter greens. Or espresso (unless it’s in tiramisu). Or sriracha. Or ponzu. Or any of the other hot sauces some chefs seem to think are necessary in the most unexpected dishes. I used to think my taste buds were just

Roasting beets is easy and brings out their sweet, earthy flavor.

Summertime and the living can be easy

“Summertime and the livin’ is easy” the song says. And, it is. The Mount Hope Farmers’ Market in Bristol had fresh tomatoes, mushrooms, sand dabs (fish), spinach, bunches of golden beets and locally made cheeses on a recent visit that translated into two great meals. For the first meal, I roasted the beets — very

This egg dish is easy, makes an impressive presentation and can be made for any number of people.

An easy, but impressive egg dish for weekends

Cooler evenings as we approach autumn bring comfortable sleeping and chilly mornings that allow me to use the oven again to make breakfast. These English eggs are a favorite of my husband and visiting family. The eggs go together pretty quickly and you can make as few or as many as you need. And because