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From front row, (l-r) Chuck Lafond, Eric Behr, Sharon Carpentier, Walter Cotter,
Row 2 (l-r):  Erin Elliott, Jim Sullivan, Paula Faber, F. William Oakes are among the cast of Agatha Christie's "And Then There Were None" UpStage at 2nd Story Theatre, Warren, through August 31. Credit:  Richard W. Dionne, Jr.

A classic summer ‘whodunnit’ at 2nd Story

A classic summer ‘whodunnit’ at 2nd Story

The season of summer in New England provides a plethora of singular sensations, priceless moments and fun traditions. We boast of our patriotic parades, the tang of salty air on our glorious beaches, waterfront seafood fests and the livin’ is easy. Onstage the grand tradition is for good old-fashioned summer stock shows and in Warren


Double bill at The Gamm a wild ride

    “When you’ve just stepped in you can’t tell what’s going to happen.”      That quote is an apt way to describe the hypnotic words of playwright Caryl Churchill and a good embarkation point to delve into the riveting and hallucinatory production her two plays “A Number” and “Far Away” are receiving at The Gamm