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Margaret Melozzi as Becky and Bill Oakes as her co-worker Steve in 'Becky’s New Car' by Steven Dietz, UpStage at 2nd Story Theatre, Warren, through June 1.

‘Becky’s New Car’ a wildly fun ride

‘Becky’s New Car’ a wildly fun ride

Live theater has the uncanny ability to transport us. Which is not only to say that the audience is given rare glimpses into, say, Hamlet’s Denmark, the France of Le Miz or Eliza Doolittle’s London, but that as we sit in the dark we are taken out of ourselves, an ineffable experience that allows us


Double bill at The Gamm a wild ride

    “When you’ve just stepped in you can’t tell what’s going to happen.”      That quote is an apt way to describe the hypnotic words of playwright Caryl Churchill and a good embarkation point to delve into the riveting and hallucinatory production her two plays “A Number” and “Far Away” are receiving at The Gamm