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British cars to invade Bristol for June festival

British cars to invade Bristol for June festival

America’s “most patriotic town” is about to be invaded by the British — again. This time should have a more peaceful outcome. At a time when Bristolians are preparing to honor America in the oldest Fourth of July celebration in the country, they will first celebrate the mother country when all makes of British cars

Editorial: Bristol Council right to restore Explore

Town Councilman Halsey Herreshoff walked into Monday night’s budget hearing intending to leave well enough alone, declining to restore $10,000 cut from Explore Bristol’s budget request. Then he encountered the throng of supporters who turned out to defend the group that aims to market Bristol to prospective visitors. By the end of the two-hour meeting,

The Bristol Town Council on Monday restored funding it had cut from Explore Bristol in its original budget plan.

Explore Bristol funds restored after public outcry

After a parade of Explore Bristol supporters took to the microphone to defend the marketing and promotional group Monday, the Town Council voted to restore funding it had cut in its original budget proposal. The council unanimously approved Councilwoman Mary Parella’s motion to withdraw $10,000 from the town’s reserve fund to fulfill Explore Bristol’s $30,000

Town hall

Council attacks Explore Bristol

Bristol Town Council members took a couple swipes at Explore Bristol Monday night, hacking $30,000 from the group’s $50,000 request, and raising questions about the accounting and management of funds. Explore Bristol leader Michael Byrnes was not at the meeting Monday night, but responded to those questions and refuted the implications on Wednesday by saying,