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Jameson Harding moves a plank into place as he works on the bridge Saturday. Photo by Jim McGaw.

No toll on new bridge near Portsmouth park

No toll on new bridge near Portsmouth park

PORTSMOUTH — Now, you can get there from here. A small bridge has been built across a creek off Glen Road that will allow many pedestrians to take a quicker — and safer — route to the town’s Glen Park. The job, which should be completed by this weekend, is Jameson Harding’s Eagle Scout project. He’s getting

The former Elmhurst School chapel, after its stained-glass windows had been removed.

Letter: Portsmouth may regret destroying chapel

Editor’s note: The following letter, dated Dec. 20, was addressed to the Portsmouth Town Council. To the editor: I disagree with the recent decision by the Town Council to destroy the Elmhurst chapel for both economic ground and historical preservation reasons, but will restrict my comments to economic ones. I leave it to others to

Under the Aquidneck Land Trust's offer to the town, the Elmhurst School building would be torn down to make way for a public park.

Portsmouth won’t put Glen easement out to vote

PORTSMOUTH — Forever is such a long time, say members of the Town Council who denied the Aquidneck Land Trust’s (ALT) latest offer to help the town knock down the Elmhurst School and preserve town-owned property at the Glen. After a long and often-contentious discussion Monday night, the council voted 3-3 on a motion to take

Charles Allott with Shiloh, the "assistant executive director" of the Aquidneck Land Trust.

Charles Allott of Portsmouth named land trust’s director

PORTSMOUTH —  Charles (“Chuck”) Allott has been named executive director of the Aquidneck Land Trust (ALT), a nonprofit group that works to preserve Aquidneck Island’s open spaces and natural character. Mr. Allott, an attorney who lives in Portsmouth, has been serving as ALT’s interim executive director since December 2012, shortly after Ted Clement stepped down.