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Editorial: Trust is strength

Public trust is an essential ingredient in an effective government. Residents need to know their leaders are working in their best interests in order for the town and its people to thrive. The best way to do so is to keep tabs on government leaders. When business is conducted in the light of day, there

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Clock should be ticking on East Providence Budget Commission’s departure

By any realistic and unbiased measure, the East Providence Budget Commission has been a success. The state overseers came into the city some 14 months ago with a mandate to sort out its finances, stabilize its cash flow, formulate a prudent future financial forecast and make meaningful cuts to municipal government our elected politicians failed

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Rhode Island, the land of ‘DINOs’

While the issue of same-sex marriage has garnered the most attention during the first few weeks of the new General Assembly legislative session, another issue of particular import has also picked up steam as the idea of removing the so-called “master lever” from the voting booth gained wide-ranging support. From East Bay resident and Moderate