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East Providence readers rank their top 10 stories of 2013

East Providence readers rank their top 10 stories of 2013

EAST PROVIDENCE — The readers of The East Providence Post’s page at eastbayri.com spoke with their mouses and touch pads over the last 12 months, displaying varied interests as one might expect on topics of note throughout 2013. Untimely and sad deaths of two residents were among the list of most viewed stories from January

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Clock should be ticking on East Providence Budget Commission’s departure

By any realistic and unbiased measure, the East Providence Budget Commission has been a success. The state overseers came into the city some 14 months ago with a mandate to sort out its finances, stabilize its cash flow, formulate a prudent future financial forecast and make meaningful cuts to municipal government our elected politicians failed


City, state may not be worth saving

To the editor, Here we go again. It seems that no one is satisfied with anything here in East Providence! Alleged dust, dirt, noise, silence, light, dark, ice, snow, etc./a.k.a. “aggravation”! I have lived in Riverside since 1979 having moved from inland Cumberland/Pawtucket. Since then, I have been subjected to the Port of Providence’s noise