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East Providence Council talks water issues, property sales

East Providence Council talks water issues, property sales

EAST PROVIDENCE — The second quarter of the fiscal year did little to take away the sting of increased water rates in the city, one of the topics touched upon during a special City Council meeting held Wednesday night, Feb. 25. Brought up by frequent meeting attendee Tom Riley, Acting City Manager Paul Lemont said

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East Providence road construction begins shortly

EAST PROVIDENCE — Local motorists will eventually be satiated but likely slightly agitated at times in the coming weeks with the news much-needed road repairs throughout East Providence are to begin in short order. Public Works Director Steve Coutu told the City Council at its meeting Tuesday evening, July 15, about the start of the

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Solicitor’s opinion leaves East Providence election cycle at two years

EAST PROVIDENCE — The election cycle in East Providence will remain the status quo after the City Council received and seemingly accepted the opinion of Solicitor Tim Chapman at its meeting Tuesday night, June 3. At the behest of Ward 4 Councilor Chrissy Rossi, Mr. Chapman formulated his opinion, presenting the brief that evening and

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Councilors balk at state plan for East Providence to join Pawtucket water system

EAST PROVIDENCE — Water-related issues remained a hot topic of discussion during the latest East Providence City Council meeting held Tuesday night, May 22, in the City Hall Chamber. In the last several weeks, the Council has voted against then reversed course and supported a $19 million bond measure aimed at retooling the city’s aging


Noted past politicians voice support for East Providence governance change

EAST PROVIDENCE — A handful of prominent past and possibly future politicians voiced their enthusiastic support at the City Council meeting held Tuesday night, April 15 for a proposed charter amendment ballot issue changing East Providence’s form of government to one of a strong mayor/council. Former State Representative Roberto DaSilva, former Council President Bruce Rogers

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East Providence City Council once again shuts down East Bay Tavern

EAST PROVIDENCE — The cycle of rebukes and challenges continued Wednesday night, April 9, during an emergency show-cause public hearing as the East Providence City Council once again voted to shutter the controversial East Bay Tavern establishment located on Lyon Avenue. The Council, acting as the city’s licensing commissioners, unanimously agreed to revoke the Tavern’s


East Providence City Council votes against proposed water system improvement bond

EAST PROVIDENCE — For the time being, the East Providence City Council at its meeting Tuesday night, April 1, voted down by a 3-2 margin a proposed $19 million bond ordinance aimed at improving the distressed water system. For various reasons, though mostly due to questions about the actual cost of the project, Councilors Tommy