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A pal for Petunia?

Dear Dr. Evans, Petunia has been an only cat all her life. Due to a recent promotion (yay!), I’m gone from home a lot. I’m thinking of adopting a kitty to keep her company. What do you think? Good idea, or, excuse the pun, catastrophe? —The More the Merrier? Dear More, Oh, my. You are

Can’t I feed dog food…to my dog?

Dear Dr. Evans, A friend of mine is gluten-intolerant and just switched his dog to gluten-free dog food. He can’t say enough about how glossy her coat is, how she gobbles it down, etc. The thing is, her coat was pretty glossy all along and, seeing that she is a Lab, she pretty much gobbles anything

The case for the indoor cat

Dear Dr. Evans, I adopted a tomcat from a local shelter. He’d been found on the East Side and apparently was really street-smart; he was pretty tough to catch and was in pretty good shape when they found him. I’ve gotten him all the vet care he needs and had him neutered. Bruiser is kind of a thug, but

Spay your pets with no regrets

Dear Dr. Evans, I just adopted a female Labrador (maybe a mix, but she sure looks like a Lab) from a shelter. Sookie is four months old, very sweet and pretty, and my buddy would like a pup like her.  I’m thinking of letting her have at least one litter if I can find a male I

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