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Letter: RWU professor was wrong to go to the newspaper

To the editor: Juggling annual town budgets while also considering effects of today’s decisions on the town 10, 20 and 30 years ahead is the unique skill expected of town managers. Many complex issues crowd today’s municipal finance agendas. Along with “privatization,” town managers must consider the effects of long range pension costs; they must

Letter: Barrington town manager showed lack of professionalism

To the editor: All governments need checks and balances. Barrington is no exception. As a Barrington resident and taxpayer, I appreciate Professor Ruggieri using her skills to examine a town matter. In this era of budget constraints, having that expertise at no cost to the taxpayers is a generous contribution. I am a quality assurance

Barrington Town Manager Peter DeAngelis, shown at a previous meeting.

Professor’s case study leads to confrontation with Barrington town manager

Lynn Ruggieri was looking for a case study to share with her students, but what she found instead was an uncomfortable confrontation with the town manager in Barrington. Ms. Ruggieri, a professor of accounting at Roger Williams University, said that after analyzing the trash privatization financials for the town of Barrington and bringing her findings

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