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Letter: Full-day kindergarten in Barrington still needs to be added this fall

To the editor: As you know, the motion to add funds to the budget to implement full-day kindergarten this fall was voted down at the Financial Town Meeting — 185 to 148. However, our community offered resounding support for the implementation of full-day kindergarten! The vote against the addition of funds to the school budget

Commentary: You think more kindergarten is better? Think again

By Tad Segal AT&T is currently running a cute television ad campaign featuring the slogan “More Is Better”.  You’ve probably seen the spots:  A deadpan actor in a suit crouches next to a group of what looks to be kindergarteners and asks them “Who thinks more is better than less?”  Hands go up.  Hilarity ensues.

A move to all-day kindergarten this fall could mean two additional classes at Nayatt School.

Will Barrington offer all-day kindergarten next year?

Wednesday, May 22. That’s when anxious parents should know for sure if Barrington Public Schools will offer all-day kindergarten next fall. School officials initially created a $144,000 placeholder in their budget allotting for the all-day program next fall, but have since said the program will likely cost more than $144,000 — “significantly more,” said Barrington