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Some seasons need to end

Although this has not been great year for the Red Sox, as the All-Star break approaches, I am a little sad to know that we are almost halfway through the baseball season. Unlike some who think that the games and the season are far too long, I wish it were even longer and that some

Love him or hate him, Buddy’s back

Last week the conversation in Rhode Island political circles changed quickly from “will he run” to “can he win” as Buddy Cianci announced that he would once again run for mayor of Providence. Love him or hate him, he’s in the race to win and has aligned the stars to give him the best possible

Celebrating the big win on the bridge

While the Sox fan in me is a bit sickened by every loss—and this month there seem to be plenty of them—I am determined not to let the afterglow of the huge 2013 win fade anytime soon. This year I have to remind myself to enjoy the game, get excited about some of the new

Mending the rift in the political clubhouse

Last week’s return of the 2004 Red Sox to Fenway was highlighted by the first attempt to bring Manny Ramirez back into the fold of Red Sox Nation. Most will recall that in addition to being the most feared right handed hitter in baseball, Manny was a bit of disaster off the field and acted

Why bother to go to college if you refuse to learn?

While rivalries in sports are generally considered to be healthy and fun, I am beginning to think that our college campuses are teaching students to stifle differences rather than learn from them. From coast to coast we seem to be teaching a generation of Americans that “free speech” extends only to those with whom they

Only the Final Score Counts

Some nights at Fenway, everything seems perfect: traffic is light, you grab a good parking space that costs only 12 quarters and arrive in plenty of time to see the pregame festivities. Everything is great until the actual game starts and the home team plays like the Bad News Bears. While there are nine innings

Georgia State of Mind

With a start like this one I always have to remind myself that the first few weeks of baseball season are always a bit ugly. The fans look cold, the players are rusty and there’s a lot of “who’s that guy?” directed at the newest players. By the end of the season, the kinks are

If it quacks like a duck, it might be lame

Red Sox fans have started the season with our bellies full of 2013 glory and looking forward to warmer days and good games. The first bad series is behind us and only a huge string of losses will turn our full stomachs into full agida with memories of what our last super-confident team did in