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East Providence City Council approves FY14-15 budget

East Providence City Council approves FY14-15 budget

EAST PROVIDENCE — At a special meeting Tuesday evening, Oct. 14, in the City Hall Chamber, the East Providence City Council voted unanimously to approve a revised Fiscal Year 2014-15 budget. All four Councilors present — President and Mayor Jim Briden, Tracy Capobianco, Chrissy Rossi and Tommy Rose — voted for the final budget’s final


Council gives first approval of East Providence’s FY214-15 budget

EAST PROVIDENCE — Aside from what could be deemed a mildly terse tussle between Acting City Manager Paul Lemont and Ward 4 representative Chrissy Rossi, the East Providence City Council, at its meeting Tuesday night, Oct. 7, in the City Hall Chamber, gave the first of what are two necessary approvals to the proposed Fiscal Year


East Providence School Committee hears Fiscal Year 14-15 draft budget proposal

EAST PROVIDENCE — Superintendent Kim Mercer and Deputy Director of Finance for the city Linda Dykeman presented the East Providence School Committee with the department’s draft budget for the Fiscal Year 2014-15, a document highlighted by the proposed addition of nearly $2 million into the school coffers. The meeting took place Tuesday night, Sept. 23,


Lemont presents Council with draft East Providence FY14-15 budget

EAST PROVIDENCE — Acting City Manager Paul Lemont presented the Council with the first draft of his proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2014-15 at the governing body’s meeting Tuesday evening, Sept. 16. The budget, Mr. Lemont’s first since returning to the manager’s position in November of 2013, includes a modest half-percent increase to the property


Annual audit reveals budget surplus for East Providence

EAST PROVIDENCE — City Manager Paul Lemont announced East Providence remains on a path of financial improvement, doing so prior to a presentation of the annual audit during the City Council meeting Tuesday night, June 17. “Things are looking a lot better and we’re headed into a new day with the city,” Mr. Lemont said


East Providence Schools remain in the black for a second year running

EAST PROVIDENCE — In the words of City Finance Director Malcolm Moore, “it was a very good year” financially for the East Providence School System. Addressing the School Committee at its meeting Tuesday evening, June 10, at City Hall, Mr. Moore presented an audit of the system for the Fiscal Year 2012-13 ending on Oct.

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Editorial: East Providence City Council makes mostly correct choices in constructing budget

The East Providence City Council all but buttoned up the process of putting together the Fiscal Year Budget for 2013-14 over the last week, doing so with a mostly satisfactory result for the taxpayers and residents of our fine municipality. The Council deserves great credit for remaining very much true to the five-year plan the


East Providence City Council vetoes pay hikes, freezes Homestead decrease

EAST PROVIDENCE — At its meeting Tuesday night, Oct. 1, the East Providence City Council opted to trim the initial Fiscal Year 2013-14 budget proposal it received from City Manager Peter Graczykowski and Finance Director Malcolm Moore rather than accept the document as presented, voting to deny pay raises to top administrators and freezing a


Surplus, market forces drive budget proposals made by East Providence City Manager

EAST PROVIDENCE — East Providence City Manager Peter Graczykowski is of the opinion “if not now, when?” as it pertains to certain elements of the Fiscal Year 2013-14 Budget he and Finance Director Malcolm Moore have proposed. The two key portions to stand out immediately in the $167,762,071 package were requests for significant raises for