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School deregionalization plan gets House review

School deregionalization plan gets House review

Three bills that would vastly change the educational landscape in Warren and Bristol were expected to be heard by the Rhode Island House of Representatives’s House Finance Committee Wednesday evening. The bills were sponsored by Bristol Rep. Raymond Gallison. If passed, they would give residents the right to decide whether the regional school district should

Letter: School funding ruling helps Warren ‘bridge the gap’

The 1991 state law establishing the Bristol Warren Regional School District requires that each town provide equal dollars per pupil to finance it. However, Bristol has much higher taxable property values per pupil than Warren. This has forced Warren to levy considerably higher tax rates for education than Bristol. This year, Warren’s  tax rate for education is $11.19 while Bristol’s rate is $7.97. Warren’s education

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Superintendent: Bristol-Warren schools did nothing wrong

Mario Andrade, superintendent of the Bristol Warren Regional School District, issued the following statement to the Bristol Phoenix after Friday’s court decision: On Friday morning, Judge Luis Matos ruled in favor of Warren regarding how RIDE (Rhode Island Department of Education) and the District should distribute state aid. It should be noted that at no

Editorial: Warren should not seek lost millions

Warren should “celebrate” a Superior Court ruling that clarifies how state education dollars are distributed, but it should not celebrate long. The ruling by Judge Luis Matos is a significant setback for Warren’s partners in this regional school district. Bristol took one on the chin last week. Bristol is already dealing with the impact of

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PARCC opt-outs could hurt schools’ commended rating

About 100 Bristol-Warren students have opted out of taking PARCC tests, which could have a significant impact on two schools’ “commended” classification, Superintendent Mario Andrade said. The 100 students represent 5 percent of the roughly 2,000 students scheduled to take the test. While that might not sound like a lot — and it is significantly

Letter: Cut school administrators to save cash

To the editor: I am writing in regard to the good possibility of a 10 percent increase in the property tax rate this year. This is a huge increase. At this rate, our taxes will double in 10 years. Our paychecks certainly won’t. This is unacceptable. Why aren’t contracts with school administrators and teachers being