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Price of water just went up in East Bay

Price of water just went up in East Bay

Bristol County water rates are going up again. The Bristol County Water Authority’s board of directors voted to raise rates 3.25 percent this coming year following a public hearing last Wednesday evening. The increase is the sixth straight hikes that together have totaled close to 30 percent. Warren Town Council members reacted warily to the

Opinion: Water source needed to defuse East Bay ‘time bomb’

By Halsey Herreshoff Bristol Town Council Having read the fine article by Eric Dickervitz in the Phoenix about the recent hearing before the Bristol Town Council by the Bristol County Water Authority, I write to amplify one facet of the problem to finding a back-up for our water supply. I must first emphasize that we


BCWA brass, union relationship improving

Four months after a prominent union official said he was “declaring war” against management at the Bristol County Water Authority, unionized workers have elected a new slate of officers and the relationship between the two sides appears to be much improved. The “war” declaration came in July from Bobby Mahoney, a senior national representative for


Bristol County risking ‘catastrophic’ water failure

When Bristol Town Councilman Tim Sweeney accidentally spilled his water while making a point at Monday night’s special Town Council meeting, he quipped, “There’s our redundant water supply.” Although he made light of the topic that prompted the meeting, Bristol County Water Authority Executive Director Pamela Marchand gave a bleak report that could affect thousands

Bristol County Water Authority offices

Water Authority denies union’s accusations

The union representing Bristol County Water Authority workers has accused the authority of improperly installing water pipes as part of its “war” against the water company, charges the authority denies. The UWUA AFL-CIO recently declared “war” on the water company, after the authority changed its time clock procedures when employees are called into emergency service.


Union rep declares ‘war’ on BCWA

The union that represents many BCWA employees has declared “war” against management after they sought to do away with a “benefit” union members have enjoyed for years. The “war‚” a term used by both water authority executive director Pamela Marchand and Bobby Mahoney, a senior national representative for the Utility Workers Union of America‚ broke

Letter: East Bay at risk without second water supply

Recently there has been press attention relative to the Bristol County Water Authority’s interest and activity to secure an additional supply of water and end its total dependence on a 16-year-old pipeline under the Providence River. The Board of Directors of the BCWA thought it was important to again communicate its position on this issue.


Jannitto re-appointed to BCWA board

John Jannitto is back on the Bristol County Water Authority Board of Directors. Mr. Jannitto, one of Warren’s three representatives on the board, was reappointed unanimously to a three-tar term Tuesday night by the Warren Town Council. The last time Mr. Jannitto was reappointed, the town council split 3-2 on the vote.

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