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DPW crews used front-end loaders to remove snow piles from intersections.

The big storm becomes a ‘big dig’ and big fun

The big storm becomes a ‘big dig’ and big fun

On Wednesday, the Blizzard of 2015 became the ‘big dig’, as those who ‘hunkered down’ for the storm began the process of digging themselves out. While Bristol’s main arteries, Hope Street and Metacom Avenue, were largely clear to the pavement, other roads were passable, but still had a covering of Juno’s remains. Crews from the

A snowmobile zips along snow covered Hope Street.

Bristol blanketed by Juno’s wrath

Steady, blowing snow blanketed Bristol overnight on Monday, keeping road crews and emergency management personnel busy throughout the night. Accumulation varied, with two-foot snow drifts in some areas, and other areas nearly bare. By morning, the Department of Public Works and the State Department of Transportation had Bristol’s main roads largely cleared of snow, with