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the curious incident

Books to read during the dog days of summer?

Books to read during the dog days of summer?

By Lynda Rego After eradicating as many weeds in the garden as possible, it’s time to sit back and enjoy the flowers during the dog days of August (and the beginning of September this year) when it’s nice just to sit in the shade and read. As summer winds down, it’s a race to squeeze

Mr. Churchill's Secretary

Some new books for the New Year

While those of us who love reading and books know the saying “so many books, so little time” is true, I run my eye down the best-selling book lists occasionally and wince at some of the same-old, same-old that sell like hotcakes. But, luckily, there are real gems among the dross, too. We just have


Eight recent reads worth sharing

Fall’s here and the nice weather is winding down toward winter. But, the reading progresses apace. I’m starting to make a dent in the piles of books I’ve accumulated from paperbackswap.com and from recent family gifts. Below are a couple of late summer reads I enjoyed and those worth sharing from the last few weeks.

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