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Lily plays with her stuffed horse while visiting Officer Jeff Cornelisse at the police station recently. Officer Cornelisse had earlier given the toy to Lily as a gift. Photo by Jim McGaw.

A police call, then a connection in Portsmouth

A police call, then a connection in Portsmouth

PORTSMOUTH — It all began with a misunderstanding. Officer Jeff Cornelisse, in his seventh year on the Portsmouth police force, was called to a Bramans Lane home. A bus driver had reported seeing an abused child on the ground outside. When he arrived, Officer Cornelisse, 28, found a young girl all curled up in a fetal

Dan McCarty, working on an art project at the middle school recently, puts classmates at ease by talking openly to them about his disease. "I just enjoy doing a lot of things that other kids like to do. I love talking, I like to learn," he says. Photo by Richard W. Dionne Jr.

Despite disease, Portsmouth boy is unbreakable

PORTSMOUTH — Dan McCarty has fractured more than 350 bones in his 10 years. But his zest for life — and empathy for others — will never be shattered. A parable in 12 parts. 1. When people first meet 10-year-old Dan McCarty, they’re often startled by his appearance. Some look away, but others — usually younger kids — will go

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