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A snowy wreath decorates a gate on High St.

CSF greetings drive is under way

CSF greetings drive is under way

For four decades, the Citizens’ Scholarship Foundation of Barrington (CSF) has sponsored a full-page “community greeting card” in the Barrington Times. The card helps raise money for college scholarships used to defray tuition and other costs for a student in the first three years of college. Send holiday greetings to your neighbors and donate to

Letter: Did Arts Alive! story need to be front page news?

To the editor: Shame on the Barrington Times for taking the negative opinion of ONE parent regarding the Hampden Meadows Arts Alive! play and making it front page news. Mr. Crosby had FIFTEEN weeks to remove his child/children from participating in the play if he had objections to the material. As a parent whose daughter