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Rooftop trespassers in Barrington spotted three times in two days

Rooftop trespassers in Barrington spotted three times in two days

Local teenagers were seen atop the Rite Aid on County Road, Brickyard Wine and Spirits and Sowams School last weekend, and on each occasion Barrington police did their best to usher the young people back onto solid ground. At about 9 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 1, a motorist called police after noticing some kids on

Barrington Police Chief John LaCross.

Barrington police chief responds to Becker plea agreement

Barrington Police Chief John LaCross believes one case of poor parenting should not act as a commentary on all Barrington parents. The chief issued a press release on Tuesday morning, Aug. 27, reacting to the changed plea of Barrington’s Dr. Bruce Becker. The Bullock Avenue resident was charged with procuring or purchasing alcohol for minors

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Barrington teen charged with violating social host law

A week after a 15-year-old Barrington girl downed a large amount of vodka and had to be rushed to a hospital, local police arrested a 19-year-old resident who allegedly gave her the alcohol. On Friday, Aug. 9, police charged William A. Restituyo, of 17 Sweetbriar Road, Barrington, with underage consumption and violating the state’s social

It is believed teenagers broke into this Fireside Drive house while the homeowners were away on vacation and used it as a party pad.

Barrington break-ins by partying teens is a recurring problem

Late Sunday night, July 28,  a Fireside Drive family returned home from vacation to find that someone — possibly local teenagers — had been using their house as a party pad while the homeowners were away. The intruders left the home in shambles. Old food covered the kitchen counters, empty alcohol bottles were all over

Sgt. Joe Andreozzi remains suspended without pay from the Barrington Police Department. That employment status could change after an Aug. 2 court proceeding.

Barrington Police Chief: Guilty officer remains suspended without pay

Barrington Police Chief John LaCross said Sgt. Joe Andreozzi, who was found guilty of cyberstalking and obstruction of the judicial system on Friday, remains suspended without pay. The department suspended Sgt. Andreozzi after he was arrested by state police last year. Chief LaCross said Sgt. Andreozzi’s employment status will remain suspended until after the court has