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Book review: ‘Wonder’

“Don’t judge a boy by his face,” “Wonder” by R.J. Palacio, is about a boy named August Pullman. He does normal things such as eating pizza or playing video games. The only abnormal thing about August is his face. He was born with a disease that makes his face look different. August has dealt with

Who’s your favorite superhero?

Question: Why are superheroes so important? Answer: Because they are amazing and they save us! Everyone loves superheroes. Who doesn’t? We surveyed four classes at HMS about their favorite superheroes. Here are the results. Mrs. Clegg’s class results: Flash-2, Iron Man-2, Superman-7, Batman-1, Spiderman-5, the Hulk-7. Mrs. Bailey’s class results: Flash-0, Iron Man-2, Superman-0, Batman-8,

Getting to know Mrs. McGee

We’ve decided to interview Mrs. McGee to see what it’s like to take on the new job at Hampden Meadows School. We know that the parents and kids wanted to know more about the new principal and we have your answers. Q: How is Hampden Meadows different from Colt Andrews? A: Hampden Meadows has only

Lego interview

People around the world like Legos and so do we! We like Legos because they are fun to build and you can create stuff with Legos by using your imagination. We interviewed one boy who loves Legos. Q. How many Legos do you have? A. A lot Q. How long have you had them? A.

Fourth grade has welcome assembly

To make the new fourth-graders less nervous, Hampden Meadows held a welcome assembly for them. Some fourth-graders got surprise envelopes from Mrs. McGee with paw stickers on them. Inside there were questions about Mrs. McGee, which she answered. We found out that her favorite holiday is New Year’s Day because it also happens to be

What’s your favorite sport?

Driving through town you may have noticed football and soccer practices. Fall is a time when a lot of sports go into session. What’s your favorite sport? Most kids believe that soccer is the most popular sport, but we believe that the kids who play soccer don’t watch soccer. In addition to soccer, many children

Awesome RISPCA

The RISPCA is home to many animals. Some animals you can adopt are dogs, cats, and bunnies, even litters. Some dogs up for adoption are Molly, an adult Terrier Chihuahua, Riley, a Yorkshire Terrier, or Nora, a young Boxer Pitbull Terrier. If dogs are not for you check out the cute and lovable cat. A

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