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Audubon Osprey 1 by Butch Lombardi

Calling all citizen scientists

Calling all citizen scientists

Volunteers needed for osprey monitoring. Spring has returned to New England and with it came the ospreys. The Audubon Society of Rhode Island manages the Rhode Island Osprey Monitoring Program, a network of volunteer observers who report on the breeding success of these fish-eating raptors. The program relies on approximately seventy-five volunteers to monitor over two

Hampden Meadows School fourth-grader Will Silveria conducts a test on the Kent Street Pond water during a recent outdoor lesson.

Frogs fill outdoor classroom lesson in Barrington

Carrie Clegg, the science curriculum coordinator for Barrington elementary schools, moved slowly along the bank of Kent Street Pond. She crouched down, pausing for a moment, and then swung a net swiftly at the ground. “I got one!” she yelled. Mrs. Clegg, who is also a teacher at Hampden Meadows School, lifted the net, revealing