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Enrollment has dropped with the Barrington Community Theater program since the addition of Arts Alive! and All Children's Theater in town.

Competition in Barrington cuts into town’s theater program

Competition in Barrington cuts into town’s theater program

A few years back, 50 or 60 kids would fill the summer sessions for  Barrington Community Theater. This year, 12 youngsters have signed up for the first summer session, and nine are registered for the second. “I would love to bump the numbers up a bit,” said Reid Eighme, the program’s director. “We’re not looking

Letter: Arts Alive! Barrington should be praised for its work

To the editor: Too often it seems we are quick to criticize and slow to praise. We have so many things to be thankful for in this town, but you wouldn’t necessarily know it from reading the letters to editor section of the Barrington Times. In the spirit of redressing that imbalance, I would like

Letter: Kudos to former theater director for his message

To the editor: Kudos to Joel Hellmann for his thoughtful, detailed letter regarding the recent play performed by Arts Alive! I am a Barrington resident and the RI Director of the Parents Television Council. The PTC is a non-partisan, grassroots organization concerned about the messages that children receive from the entertainment industry. I founded the

Letter: Did Arts Alive! story need to be front page news?

To the editor: Shame on the Barrington Times for taking the negative opinion of ONE parent regarding the Hampden Meadows Arts Alive! play and making it front page news. Mr. Crosby had FIFTEEN weeks to remove his child/children from participating in the play if he had objections to the material. As a parent whose daughter

Letter: Arts Alive! would be wise to follow John Gray’s advice

To the editor: I read Paul Crosby’s letter to the Times about Arts Alive! elementary school Broadway revue, and the harsh ensuing attacks on him by parents, with interest. I thought I would share some thoughts on appropriate theatre in the schools from the perspective of having been the Barrington High School theatre director.  (Stagemasters).

Hampden Meadows School students take a bow after a recent performance of "Broadway Rules."

Barrington school play debated — what do you think?

A Barrington parent has raised concerns about the appropriateness of a recent elementary school play. Paul Crosby penned a letter to the editor earlier this week, calling portions of Arts Alive!’s production “Broadway Rules” oversexualized, scandalous and unfortunate. Mr. Crosby, who has three young daughters, said he watched three performances of the show last weekend

Letter: Barrington grade school play was ‘oversexualized’ and inappropriate

To the editor: I feel compelled to share some thoughts on the Arts Alive! / Hampden Meadows production that took place at BHS this weekend. I am sure all can appreciate the difficulty in producing a theatrical undertaking that provides roles and parts for 150-plus students. Moreover, the disparity in gender adds to the challenge.

Sowams School students rehearse for an upcoming performance of "The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley, Jr."

Barrington’s Sowams School bringing Flat Stanley to life

Students at Sowams School will perform “The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley Jr.” on Friday and Saturday nights. The shows are produced by Arts Alive!, a nonprofit that provides performing arts opportunities to students in Barrington Public Schools. The play, based on the award-winning children’s book “Flat Stanley” written by Jeff Brown and illustrated by

Pat McAloon is part of this weekend's Late Winter Festival.

‘Late Winter Festival’ is Sunday at Barrington Public Library

Looking for arts and culture in Barrington? Try the library this weekend. On Sunday, March 3, the upstairs auditorium will host musical performances by Pat McGee, Pat McAloon and Bay Spring Folk. The Arts Alive! Theatrical dancers will also entertain and Barrington Community Theater will be on hand with a circus skills workshop. It’s also