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Violet: And the verdict is….!

Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee….With the Republican presidential sweepstakes about to blow wide open, many political pundits are already doing a post-mortem on President Barack Obama’s legacy. Usually the writer (including this one) hedges an opinion by dragging out the old saw that only history will be the judge. Once 50 years

Violet: Black lives matter; tactics do too

On January 15 at least 2 different groups of activists were behind the shut-down of Interstate 93 southbound and northbound during the morning rush hour commute into Boston. Their professed mission was to “disrupt business as usual” and to protest alleged police and state violence against black people. Citing the need to confront white complacency

Violet: Two leaders, two big steps for 2015

Usually when you see the names of Governor Gina Raimondo and Bishop Thomas Tobin in the same sentence there is a “versus” linking them. Well, not this time. Both leaders have started off the New Year with good decisions. Bishop Thomas Tobin: Through his vicar general, Monsignor Albert Kenney, the Bishop authorized the vigil last

A team effort will ignite Rhode Island

Congratulations to Governor Gina Raimondo who made history when she was sworn in last week as the first female governor of Rhode Island. Her message was simple: It is time to stop the state’s decline and to ignite a Rhode Island comeback. The road back, however, will not be simple. Creating the climate for job

Violet: Some New Year’s resolutions

I acknowledge that it’s a bit cheeky to make resolutions for other people. After all, it’s a yeoman’s task to keep my own. With some trepidation, therefore, I propose the following list for the state’s leaders. Governor Gina Raimondo There is no doubt that the former treasurer eked out her victory because she is viewed

Jobs and education are inextricably linked

Three stories were recently in the news which at first blush seem unrelated but which are inextricably linked. The first story reported that Senate President Teresa Paiva Weed has put education at the top of her agenda for the upcoming legislative session.  Right next to this report was the news about the  decline in science

T’is the season for civility

Among all the salutations  of the season for joy, peace, and hope, I wonder whether we need to add civility to our holiday’s wishes. Recent events make me think the answer is yes. Here’s why. Discussions of shootings of unarmed black men. Certainly, a national conversation is long overdue on the issue of race and

Violet: Is this economic development?

A Texas developer wants to build student housing on the vacant 1-195 land and state and most Providence officials are ecstatic. So enthused are they that they are urging a tax stabilization agreement for this seventh wonder of so-called economic development. It isn’t. Construction jobs are not counted as economic development in the true meaning