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Vote yes to a Constitutional Convention

“Creating jobs” seems to be the catch-all phrase during this election as candidates vie for statewide and local office. Imagine for a moment, though, that you are an outsider potentially looking for a place to plant your firm or manufacturing facility. When you look at Rhode Island, what would be the first thing that you

Violet: A different kind of number-crunching

Ted Hahn is a former advanced math teacher who taught for 38 years in the public school system. His love affair with numbers carried into politics. For years he has been involved in campaigns both statewide and in the City of Providence. His job is usually unpopular. He looks at historical voting trends for the

LaSalle Academy almost gets it right

Let’s get this straight from the beginning: Bishop Thomas Tobin has every right — if not a responsibility — to criticize a Catholic who espouses a position on contraception and/or abortion contrary to the church’s teachings. LaSalle Academy, a Catholic high school in Providence, also has the prerogative to remove someone from its Wall of

Fracking fears and hedging hedge funds

Two topics seem to dominate debate today and both share in common the evaluation of risk. Fracking, a controversial method of extracting oil from the ground, and hedge fund investing of public pension funds are both endless topics with advocates and detractors. The hedge fund debate, no doubt, will continue in Rhode Island in both

Healey is a problem for both sides of the aisle

The Republicans wanted to bump off Bob Healey, the Moderate Party gubernatorial candidate, for a good reason. Namely, he is an attractive alternative to its standard-bearer Alan Fung. Democrat Gina Raimondo’s camp must have been hoping for the same thing, since he is also a challenge to her. What’s his threat to them? Mr. Healey

What’s the point?

If I asked you if the 4 Democratic gubernatorial candidates had any policy differences, wouldn’t you say yes?  Similarly, were there any position differences between Republicans Ken Block and Alan Fung? Of course there were. That’s why it’s disingenuous to expect that those who lost the race should automatically give an imprimatur to the standard

Candidates acquit themselves well in debate

As the top three democratic gubernatorial candidates jockey for the ultimate prize to represent the party in November, one thing was clear in the WPRI debate on August 26. The Democrats have an embarrassment of riches.  Each of these candidates acquitted themselves well during the debate. Clay Pell After a rocky start to his candidacy

Say what??

Kudos to GoLocalProv and reporter Arielle Confino who recently investigated whether our candidates for Governor put their money where their respective mouths are. Each candidate speaks rhapsodically about creating jobs in Rhode Island. Yet, when it comes to where they put their donors dollars, with less than 3 weeks away from the primary, 72 percent

When good people do bad things

With such outrageous events occurring across the globe lately, we are left pondering what it is about human nature that could explain the evil we all witness. From our youth, we probably were left debating whether people were basically good or bad. Perhaps people are worse than we think when we witness the somewhat minor

Is this the worst Congress ever?

On August 2, the two Republican congressional contenders who wish to dispatch incumbent Representative David Cicilline to the locker room appeared on “Newmakers.” Both gentlemen, Cormack Lynch and Stan Tran, acquitted themselves well. As I listened to their respective thoughtful responses I kept asking myself why either of these men would even want to go