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Load gun, shoot foot

Two candidates have made self-inflicted wounds to their respective gubernatorial quests. Perhaps it is early enough for each of them to recover from the shot to the foot. Then, again, maybe not. Victor Paul Alvarez wrote a recent GoLocal Prov story documenting that Mr. Pell didn’t vote in half of the elections for which he

Not all plaintiffs are created equal

Readers of this column know that I am not a fan of the “compromise” hammered out behind closed doors by the trial justice in the pension case. Constitutional issues should be decided, not side-stepped. Judges should not be in a position to force the legislative and executive branches of government to be subservient to the

Magaziner says he has fresh ideas — and he does

Seth Magaziner is running for Rhode Island General Treasurer in order to bring new energy and fresh ideas to our state government. He’s full of both! At a recent breakfast at Kosy Korner, the 30 year old Brown (Bachelor) and Yale (Master of business administration) graduate outlined his reasons for running for the Treasurer’s post.

Frank Caprio says he has the experience

Former Rhode Island General Treasurer Frank Caprio showed a deft touch when he kicked off his campaign for State Treasurer at Caserta’s Pizza. This famous pizzeria is in the heart of the district where he has lived all his life, but, most importantly, where he met his wife, Gabriella, when she worked weekends in order

He says he has a warrior’s spirit

Let’s say there was a candidate for Rhode Island State Treasurer who has 30 plus years as a Certified Public Accountant and was the first public servant to be elected chairman of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants in its 125-year history. This candidate also had one of the highest security clearances in order

Has Lincoln Chafee Given Up?

During his State of the State address, Governor Lincoln Chafee seemed to strike most of the right notes, including freezing tuition for higher education, town and city fiscal support, and the importance of supporting the arts. It was a virtual love fest as his Democrat legislators greeted his remarks with rousing applause. Of course, his

Yes, it’s legal. But is it ethical?

Two stories last week illustrate the adage that what may be legal isn’t necessarily ethical. Indeed, two men, both Democrat operatives, engaged in tawdry tricks during an election. Their respective chest-thumping about their purported vindication or soon to be vindication show just how far these pillars of society have fallen. Case number one involves Robert

Name-brand politics

When I read earlier this month that Liz Cheney, former Vice President **** Cheney’s elder daughter, had withdrawn her primary challenge of an incumbent, it got me thinking about how much a family name influences Rhode Island politics. I am a believer that unless the candidate is a complete train wreck, his pedigree influences voters

Headliners’ New Year’s resolutions

Yes, I know it’s a bit cheeky to suggest New Year’s resolutions for other people, particularly when the ones I should make would fill a phone directory. Yet, looking on the bright side, I won’t be responsible for keeping any of them. So, here they are. President Barack Obama Don’t take a “selfie” no matter