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Not just another pretty face

Ken Block is not a usual politician. He spends his own money rather than ours. The most recent evidence of this truth is his analysis of fire protection costs in Rhode Island, where he spent $2500 of his own lucre, which he and his volunteers spent upwards of 500 hours to produce. Readers should go

Is it a strikeout or a home run?

So, 10 of the richest men who live in New England want to build a baseball stadium in downtown Providence. Some of them, like Jim Skeffington, Terry Murray and Tom Ryan, made millions of dollars from Rhode Islanders so it’s good that they are happy to pay back the community for its largesse to them.

Mattiello miffed at Raimondo

House speaker Nicholas Mattiello is miffed at Governor Gina Raimondo. She was in Washington, DC last week and, in response to a question regarding how budgets are passed, Governor Raimondo responded as follows: “For too long, what’s happened in Rhode island – and it may happen in other State Houses – is the governor proposes

On the merits of criminalizing thought

Let’s get this out of the way. Whoever defaced the Rhode Island Muslim School with epithets and hateful language is a fool, an ignoramus, and should be prosecuted for vandalism. Should there, however, be an additional criminal count for a hate crime? The reality of a hate crime conviction is that an extra 5 or

Sharia law: time for the U.S. to smarten up

A group of Muslims in Irving, Texas has created what may be the first official Sharia law system in the United States. Apparently, this is an “official” tribunal yet at least 146 cases have been identified by the Center for Security Policy as having been adjudicated nationwide in lieu of the United States Court System.

Hunker down during a storm?

I just returned from a vacation and luckily missed all the snow and bitter cold. While in the Charlotte airport I ran into Rhode Islanders who brought up Governor Gina Raimondo‘s use of the expression, “hunker down” as an admonition during the snowstorm. They got a kick out of it as did I. Governor Raimondo

Violet: And the verdict is….!

Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee….With the Republican presidential sweepstakes about to blow wide open, many political pundits are already doing a post-mortem on President Barack Obama’s legacy. Usually the writer (including this one) hedges an opinion by dragging out the old saw that only history will be the judge. Once 50 years

Violet: Black lives matter; tactics do too

On January 15 at least 2 different groups of activists were behind the shut-down of Interstate 93 southbound and northbound during the morning rush hour commute into Boston. Their professed mission was to “disrupt business as usual” and to protest alleged police and state violence against black people. Citing the need to confront white complacency

Violet: Two leaders, two big steps for 2015

Usually when you see the names of Governor Gina Raimondo and Bishop Thomas Tobin in the same sentence there is a “versus” linking them. Well, not this time. Both leaders have started off the New Year with good decisions. Bishop Thomas Tobin: Through his vicar general, Monsignor Albert Kenney, the Bishop authorized the vigil last