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Are your antique bottles worth anything?

By   /  January 24, 2013  /  Columns, News  /  No Comments

The value of an antique bottle is dependent on many different factors.

I have had several inquiries regarding bottles lately. One bottle was found at the bottom of the Barrington River and had quite a bit of wear (cloudy) but without cracks or chips. This bottle, while interesting, was rather common and did not have the characteristics that would be attractive to a collector. While the bottle […]

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Christmas decorations go back to the 1800s

By   /  December 21, 2012  /  Columns  /  No Comments

The Krebs Glas Lauscha company in Germany, in business since 1597, was the first manufacturer of ornaments.

The earliest Christmas decorations appeared in the early 1800s. Decorated evergreen trees became popular in Germany and trees were decorated with gingerbread and other hard cookies, nuts, fruits, bits of paper, reflective foil and pieces of lace. In America, popcorn and berry garland were used — corn being introduced to the colonists from the Native Americans. […]

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Pricing a landscape painting and Polaroid print

By   /  December 10, 2012  /  Columns  /  No Comments

This oil was painted by Ron Davies, a Canadian landscape artist.

Q: I am in possession of an original oil painting by an artist named Ron Davies. It is a landscape painting of a house and barn. Its approximate size is 15 by 24 inches. What I know is that my dad bought the painting approximately 30 to 40 years ago. I am not sure where […]

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