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Fortunate ‘Sons’ at 2nd Story Theatre

Fortunate ‘Sons’ at 2nd Story Theatre

       Now playing at 2nd Story Theatre in Warren is “Sons of the Prophet”, an insightful play by Stephen Karam that examines just how frail and resilient is the human species. The play couldn’t be more timely, as a health care and medical insurance crisis forms the framework of this dramatic structure in which each

C—Spotlight—Sons of Prophet, Petronio, Faber

‘Sons of the Prophet’

Stephen Karam’s explosively funny comedy, featuring Vince Petronio as Bill and Paula Faber as Gloria (above), is about the extreme suffering of a Lebanese family distantly related to Kahlil Gibran. “Sons of the Prophet” will play DownStage at 2nd Story Theatre through November 24. WHERE: 28 Market St., Warren. WHEN: Through November 24. COST: $20/$25.


‘Dancing at Lughnasa’

Christina Wolfskehl (left) as Maggie and Tanya Anderson as Agnes star in “Dancing at Lughnasa” at 2nd Story Theatre. This lyrical memory play set in Ballybeg, County Donegal, Ireland in the summer of 1936 centers around the Celtic harvest festival of Lughnasa, as Chrissie Mundy’s illegitimate son, Michael, remembers the women who raised him: his mother and

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‘The Mousetrap’ in Warren

Eight strangers—one of whom is a murderer—are stranded in an isolated, snowbound guesthouse.  Who is the killer:  the fop? The spinster? The foreigner? The battleaxe?  Starring (right, l-r) Dillon Medina as Giles Ralston, Vince Petronio as Mr. Paravicini, and Erin Elliott as Mollie Ralston. All are suspect until the final, shocking denouement in Agatha Christie’s “The


2nd Story Theatre building second theater

Big changes are afoot at 2nd Story Theatre, which has settled into the biggest expansion project since it was founded nearly a decade ago. Officials from the non-profit theater company were expected to close on the Liberty Street School Tuesday, a month after voters approved the building’s sale for $100,000 at Warren’s Financial Town Meeting.