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Photo Credit:  Richard W. Dionne, Jr.

‘Freud’s Last Session’ in Warren

‘Freud’s Last Session’ in Warren

Ed Shea is Sigmund Freud in “Freud’s Last Session” by Mark St. Germain, DownStage at 2nd Story Theatre for eight performances. Legendary psychoanalyst Dr. Sigmund Freud invites little known Oxford scholar C.S. Lewis to his home in London. There, the two men address some of the greatest questions of all time as they clash about love,

Photo by Richard W. Dionne, Jr.

Warren’s got ‘Hay Fever’

Joanne Fayan (of Warren) plays eccentric actress Judith Bliss in Noel Coward’s “Hay Fever” UpStage at 2nd Story Theatre, Warren. A bohemian actress, her writer husband, and their two eccentric children each invite a friend to the family summer home where the hosts proceed to foist each guest off on a different family member, with alarming


Seven Keys to Baldpate at 2nd Story

George M. Cohan’s mysterious, melodramatic farce is the story of a writer sequestered in a deserted hotel who has been challenged to pen a novel in one wild and wooly night. Starring (clockwise/l-r) Tom Roberts, Joe Henderson, Andrew Stigler, Jeff DeSisto and Jim Sullivan. WHERE: 2nd Story Theatre UpStage, 28 Market St., Warren WHEN: Thursday-Sunday, through Feb.


‘The Lyons’ at 2nd Story

As Ben Lyons lies dying, his wife of forty years, Rita, flips through decorating magazines, planning a living room makeover.   When their children are summoned to Ben’s hospital bedside, all efforts at a sentimental goodbye to the dying patriarch are soon abandoned as they snidely trade accusations, savagely reveal secrets, and hilariously kick the ego


Saint Joan graces Warren

Love of country and love of God are put to the test in George Bernard Shaw’s smart, soulful and passionate examination of a young peasant girl who bravely responds to her inner voices, challenging the power structure of the church and state. Valerie Westgate is Joan and Rico Lanni is The Dauphin in “Saint Joan”,