Letter: City Councilor cares, but only when it affects her family


To the editor,

The residents of Rumford address and plead with the city council to appeal the TLA Pond View court decision. These folks testify and tell of dreadful health issues, soot issues, traffic issues, dust and noise issues. There are so many residents suffering it is hard to imagine that the root cause of this is anything but the obvious environmental impact of the Pond View Waste Disposal operation.

The residents ask for only one thing... just one, and that is to not abandon us and do not give up the fight. They all pay taxes and want the city to respect them and their right to property value and clean air.  Many tell of living in the area long before 1998 when things started to change. Councilwoman Rossi, apparently preoccupied, looks busy reading some pages rather than paying attention.. TV audience suspects her mind already made up.

The EP City Council goes into executive session and then returns to the public and an announcement is made that the appeal, by a vote of 3 to 2 will be made, the residents win this small battle but the war is far from over. The holdouts are Councilwomen Rossi and Capobianco. Both, ignoring the complaints and pleading of the public, vote against the residents of Rumford.  Just to whom are they beholden?  and who is their benefactor?    TV Audience ponders these questions.

A short time later, a city ordinance is presented to install a STOP SIGN at a corner in the district of  Councilman Rose.. This ordinance was proposed not by Rose but by Councilwoman Rossi on behalf of her sister, having just recently moved there and living at the house on the corner where stop sign is to be installed.  What? - Is this for real?  Rossi, without shame explains that her sister called her to complain about the high speed traffic on the street and this prompted Rossi to take action and rush to introduce an ordinance to install a personal stop sign for a family member… I bet Saddam Hussein would have done the same for some street there in Baghdad had his sister called him with complaints about traffic. TV audience knows that the term Nepotism is the label placed on such acts.

Rossi further explains that she has so much concern about the safety and well being of her sister’s child, because of the traffic and it putting the family and child at risk.  As for the rest of you taxpayers, if you want a stop sign, you follow the rules and send the request to the Highway department and they will get back to you, after they do a thorough impact and traffic study on the location.  TV Audience is astonished at the audacity of the Riverside Councilor.

Meanwhile to the not-related-to family members and residents of Rumford and all of your health and safety issues, Rossi votes to abandon your cause and leave you suffering with your families at risk. I guess if her sister had moved to a corner in Rumford, then the vote may have been different, but she doesn’t live there and Rossi don’t care.    Shame, shame on Riverside, the section of EP with the stinking sewer treatment plant turning your back on Rumford with the stinking waste dump. If there was ever an award for most audacious councilor, TV audience knows to whom is most deserving; of by and for the ‘SPECIAL INTEREST’ whether that be family or financier…

Dean Ross



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