East Providence High School graduates Class of 2013


EAST PROVIDENCE — After a gray, rainy, overcast morning, brilliant sunshine and warm breezes emerged just in time early evening Friday, June 14, for the East Providence High School Class of 2013 commencement ceremony at Pierce Memorial Stadium.

Some 354 diplomas were handed out to the graduates, whose families and friends filled the entirety of Pierce's west grandstand. Student Council President Alex Dias served as Master of Ceremonies.

The top three students academically in the class — valedictorian Isabel Newton, salutatorian Nicole Strik and avedictorian Tony Hu — were the featured speakers on the evening.

Mr. Hu, who sprinkled a bit of levity into his remarks, spoke of what was ahead for his fellow graduates. "Individually we've accomplished a great deal, but in the future we can and will accomplish even more."

He added, "Today is the last day of our childhood. Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of our lives."

Ms. Strik took a slightly more serious tone, referring to a poem she had studied in an EPHS Spanish class, the theme of which was how we each "create our own path" and "our decisions create a reaction."

She recommended she and her peers live life by three rules: 1. "Remember where you came from;" 2. "Fear nothing, but be ready for anything;" and 3., which she believed to be most important, "Find something you truly love to do and do it!"

Ms. Newton's speech was a mixture of emotions, from the whimsical to the poignant. She told her fellow graduates "the here and now is what counts" and "to make a conscious decision to accomplish the most you can in the present," adding "stop saying things like hope and get out and make things happen."

She concluded by telling her peers, "I want to thank all of you for being the best class I could have ever been in and I'm so happy to have met you...Go Townies!"

Ms. Newton echoed some of the thoughts offered by Class of '13 President Mary Monagle, who spoke earlier in the evening. Ms. Monagle noted she and her fellow grads had "reached all of our goals." She ended by saying, "I leave you with a really simple phrase: 'Townie Pride lives forever.'"

Friday's ceremony was noteworthy for many in attendance, especially those seniors marking their departures from EPHS, but also for a couple of the night's dignitaries: Principal Janet Sheehan and Schools Superintendent Kim Mercer.

For Ms. Sheehan, the graduates of 2013 were the first class she oversaw at the school from beginning to end, marking the conclusion of her fourth year in her position.

"You have left us with an indelible mark and we as a school thank you," Ms. Sheehan said in her remarks.

"I think of this class as a 'Quiet Giant'," she continued, noting the group's penchant for accepting responsibility and performing necessary tasks in an "unassuming" manner. "You take care of business without any fuss."

Ms. Sheehan noted those tendencies associated with the Class of '13 were shown for the final time by the EPHS boys' outdoor track and field team that won the state championship two weeks ago.

"I have no doubt you will move forward quietly and successfully," she continued.

Ms. Sheehan finished with a quote by famed motion picture actor John Wayne, telling the graduates, "Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway...Saddle up!"

For Mrs. Mercer, only recently hired to her post, Friday's commencement was her first as the director of the city's school system.

"You have much to celebrate and many fond memories to take with you," Mrs. Mercer, the Deputy Superintendent of Pawtucket Schools prior to coming to East Providence, told the graduates. "My hope is that your years at East Providence High School have prepared you for the future."

Photos by Bill Murphy

The following is the list of graduates in the Class of 2013 from East Providence High School. Students are listed alphabetically. * Denotes Rhode Island Honor Society. + Denotes National Honor Society.

Abdul-Ganiyu Olarenwaju Adeboye, Patrick John Afonso, Luis Agosto-Cortijo, Matthew Vincent Aguiar, Lindsee Marie Allienello *+, Asia Tyler Alves *, Cory James Amaral, Natasha Lynn Amaral *, Nuno Andre Amaral, Heather Mary Anable, Justin Fonseca Andrade, Tatiana Rose Andrade *, John Daniel Andre, John Nicholas Antirose, Jr., Kiana Cheyanne Arlan, Ryan Charles Arlan, Hannah Paige Augustyn *+, Jonah Alan Aurelio

Brian Rosa Bairos, Jennifer Rosa Bairos, Christiano Tré Barbosa, Jr. , Kelly Anne Barbosa, Ashley Elizabeth Bardan, Jacob Daniel Bedford, Alexandra Elizabeth Bell, Jashaun Anthony Bennett, Shawn Michael Bernardo, Seth Grant Berouty, Katelyn Sarah Blackmar, Timothy Logan Bossie, Brandon Matthew Botelho, Kevin Daniel Botelho *, Ashley Anne Bottella *+, Aaron James Branco, Casey Elizabeth Branco, Brittany Elizabeth Brogno *, Cameron Benjamin Brovillette, Mark Anthony Brown, Jr., Samantha Jean Brown , Jessica Leigh Brunelle, Devin Andrew Brynes

Jonathan Costa Cabral *, Cassidy Lee Caduto *, Evan Jeffrey Caldeira, John Morgan Alberto Callejas-Noia, Jonathan V. Candido, Kayla Lopes Capelo *+, Randy John Caprio, Alexis Eve Cardoso *, David Alan Carroll, Jr. , Orlando Alberto Castillo, Jr. , Tory Michelle Chakouian, Sarah Elizabeth Chase *, Gianna Leigh Chianese, Taylor Lynn Chianese, Frank Angelo Chiong *, Sarah Isabel Christie *, Benjamin William Church *, Angelica Lynn Coia, Tamrra Lauren Conway, Jessica Lynn Cook, Alexandra Marie Cordeiro, Anthony Michael Correia, Jonathan Nate Correia, Matthew Correia, Christopher Paul Costa *, Linsey Marie Covington, Brittany Lynn Crawford, Michael John Cronhimer, Brittany Kristina Crosby, Casey Michael Cullinan

Adam Edward D'Ambra, Tyler Andrew-Henriques Da Ponte, Stacey Lee Da Rosa, Justin M. Daigle, Dylan Austin Dailey, Marena Stevie-Jade Davenport, Amanda Virginia Day *, Amy Lynn DeCastro, Chelsey Lynn DeCastro, Nichole Marie DeCastro, Troy Gorman Derrick, Alex Joseph Dias *+, Jarrod Pasco DiCarlo *, Alexis Nichole DiClemente, Lauren Nicole DiScuillo, Dakota Jaques Dolde *+, Jessica Lopes DosSantos, Kyle John Draine, Hannah Marie Drolet *+, Leah Joyce Drolet *, Amanda Rae Duarte *, Emonnie Michelle Duarte, Antonio Dean Duclaw, Jillian Mance Dulude

Amber Danet Elderkin *, Raquel Louise Enos, Alyssa Mary Entwistle *, Kiara Espinal, Maggie Elizabeth Esposito-Russell, Christopher Joseph Estrela

Elizabeth Mary Fagan *+, Andrew Silva Fagundes *, Nicholas John Fagundes, Brian James Faria *+, Alexis Morgan Farias, Breanna Lee Farnsworth *, Ronan Seth Fay, Meaghan Lynne Feeney *, Brittnee Yvonne Feix-Smith, Demetrius Rashod Fennell, Hayley Alexandrina Feola, Brittany Ann Ferreira *+, Daniel Carlos Ferreira, Jordan Ladislau Fidalgo, Eric Steven Flemming, Naomi Dalilah Fonseca, Nathan Jose Fortes, Joshua James Fowler, Robert Edward Francisco III , Elijah Lee Frederick, Amber Marie French, Andrew Furland, Ryan Matthew Furtado

Michael Gaffney, Mathew William Galvao *, Matthew Raymond Galvin, Darrian Michael Gario, Thomas Schubert Gasull, Jacqueline Patricia Gaudette, Thomas Elliot Gauthier, Alex Ryan Geiger, Raymond William Giard IV , Garrett Ronald Gibson, Kaitlin Ann Gilbert, Alexander Lance Godin, Jemilla Gomes, Carlos Jose Gomez, Jena Marie Goodinson, Jason Andrew Gouveia, Noah Neves Gouveia, Eric Richard Greaves, Sam Nicholas Guglielmi, Antonia Dora Guglielmotti *+, Donovan Jonas Guzman-Gonzalez

Brant Bono Hall, Karissa L Hall, Kevin Norman Hall *, Shanelle Lee Hall, Jessica Anna Hanley, Tairan He, Jeremy Carlos Hernandez, Madeline Kennedy Hey *, Kayla Joy Hicks, Hannah-Nicole Rose Hitte *+, Monique Ellenea Hodge, Troy Robert Howard, Jr. *, Tony Ken Hu *+, Kevin George Hubbard, Alexander Thomas Hurd *, Alexander Pratt Hurley *+, Richelle Johanna Hurley *+, Katie Layne Husnander, Aaron Tyler Hyman, Wynton Lee Marsalis Hyman

Christella Merveille Tsheila Odette Ilunga

Sarah Danielle Jarvis, Ana Luiza Jerez *, Ashley Sabrina Vieira Jimenez, Darian Lawrence Johnson, Felicia Renee Johnson *, Hannah Elizabeth Johnson, Ra'kwon Kevin Jordan, Thomas Michael Joseph *

Ashma KC, Nicholas Michael Karalekas, Stephanie Lee Kennedy, Jailyn Marie Kilgore, MacDonald Edward Kirby, Katie Efua Krakue

Mike Pinto Labanca, Samantha Rae Labrecque *+, Patricia Ann Laliberte *+, Caitlyn Marie Lamb, Tayla Ashley Lambert *+, Cameron Scott Cole Landry, Samantha Nicole Landry *, Tyler Louis Larguinho, Joshua Coté Leiber, Nicholas Marcel Leite *, Paul Joshua Leonard, Paul Joseph Levasseur, Juvon Rae Lewis *, Erika Ashley Lincoln *, Mariah Anne LoBello, Robert Gilmore Lopes, Nicholas Michael Luis

Joselyn Carole Machado, Alyssa Brooke Mackevich *, Isabella Lynda Maini, Megan Renee Major *, Ricky Dylan Martins, Stephanie Maria Martins *+, Christopher Robert Mastrangelo *, Yoxanderi Mateo *, Andrew Michael McBride *+, Sarah Elizabeth McGinn *+, Claudia Alexandra McLaughlin, Joseph Edward Medeiros IV , Kyle Anthony Medeiros, Mark Anthony Medeiros *+, Steven Melo Medeiros, Lucianna Angelina Medici *, Hugo Fillip Melo, Kayla Lee Melo, Kelby Andrew Melo, Victoria Lynn Melo *, Kacie Merola, Amanda Gail Michon, Kayla Elizabeth Miller, Mary McHugh Monagle *+, Jesse David Moniz, Robin Matthew Mooney II , Khadeejah Yolanda Desiree Morrison, Christopher Angelo Moura, Richie Junior Mourato *, Aliah Hayat Moussa Pacha

Bryan Matthew Nadrowski, Rachel Joyce Nallen *, Stephanie Marie Navarro, David Joseph Nawrocki, Isabel Rose Newton *+, Morgan Nancy Norris, Meredith Marie Norton *, Dylan Michael Nuñez

William Samuel O'Brien, Arabella Ngozi Cabral Okwara *+, Haley Anne Olbrych, Anthony Michael Oliveira *, Kevin Andrew Oliveira *, Krystal Lynn Oliveira, Lindsey Marie Oliver, George Nkrumah Osei

Keith Anthony Paiva *, Alexander Ryan Parascandolo, Joshua Nicholas Pari, Sunny Vishnu Patel, Elijah Ali Peixoto, Haley Nye Pereira *+, Johnathan Michael Pereira, Jordan Nathan Periquito, Jacob Robert Perkins, Derricka Michelle Person, Chantel Bibiana Pestana, Noel Pichardo *, Jeremy Chancellor Pierce, Christopher Pietros, Brandon John Pietruszka, Christina Lopes Pimentel, Ashley Fatima Pimentel, Kendra Ann Pimentel, Shana L. Pimentel, Gennaro Scott Pina, Mikel Coelho Pires, Stephanie Marie Ponte, Hayley Elizabeth Powrie, Emily Elizabeth Prisco *+

Joshua Caleb Rambert, Tanisha Elayne Rebelo, Steven Titus Rego *, Jermane Calvin Reid, Cody James Reidl *, Shyazia Raishona Rengifo, Davonté Jamal Richard, Alaysha Monee Richardson, Tyler Joseph Ritso, Edwin Romel Rivera, Joshua Edward Roderick, Humberto Rodrigues, Jr. , Selena Marie Rodrigues-Aguiar, Evan Thomas Rodriques, Marissa Marion Rogers, Amanda Victoria Ruben *, Deanna Marie Ruben *

Zakariah Abrahim Saleh, Edwin Paa Kwesi Sam, Theodore William Sanford, Jr. *, Kevin Almeida Santos *, Zachary James Santos *, Shanell Elizabeth Santurri, Sarah Jacqueline K. Schneider, André Vala Silva *+, Christopher James Silva, Sidney Soares Silva, Alexander Benjamin Silverstein *, Troy Lee Simmons, Ethan John Simpson, Aaron Jordan Smith, Alyssa Patricia Dias Soares, Elizabeth Margaret Soderlund, Kyle Frederick Solomon, Colby Andrade Sousa *+, Christopher Scott Souza, Jr. , Raymond Manuel Souza III , Thomeeka Danielle Speaks *+, Kyle Roys Stone, Nicole Lynne Strik *+, Jenna Rose Stringfellow *+, Andrew Paul Sunderland, Jr. , Brent Austin Sutton, Rachael Alexandra Swiss, Lindsey Ann Sylvia

Kelsey Montana Tabela-Baxter, Monica Catherine Tavares *, Samantha Lee Tavares, Vitalina Leiria Tavares, Fábio Alexandre Tavares Rego, Lauren Faith Thomas, Meghan Rose Thorpe, Cassie Quinn Toolin, Alyssa Nicole Torres *, Cory Carl Torres, Nicole Leigh Towne, Samantha Lee Travassos, Shannah Lee Travassos, Lyric Hope Tunstall, Stephan Sean Turner

Justin Joseph Vacher, Bianca Ann Vails, Johnathan Augusto Vale, Christopher Joseph Valois *+, Andrew Theodore Vanner *+, John Henry Vaughan III , Asiah Lee Vaz, Benjamin Joseph Veiga, Jacob Arthur Adam Vermette, Erico Filipe Vieira *, Katie Lee Vieira, Zachary Steven Vieira, Tayla Llyn Vincent *+, Hayley Alyse Vine

Kendra Marie Walason, Charles Michael Walker, Sheyenne Amber Walmsley *+, Nicole Lynn Walsh, Mark Allen Paukunnawawese Weeden, Alexandra Regina Whitfield *+, Taylor DeAnn Wiggins *, Amanda Lyn Wikberg *, Shianne Symone Williams, Caitlin Aubrey Wilson *+, Devan Justis Wood

Robert Michael Yuski *



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