Update: Attention to detail pays off for racer Ray Parent

Update: Attention to detail pays off for racer Ray Parent


His recent major victory at the New Hampshire Speedway’s Magic Mile payed quick dividends for Tiverton resident and Westport native Ray Parent.

Says his father Rene Parent of Westport, “As a direct result of winning that race he got a phone call from The Rusty Wallace Driving Experience. He was asked if he would be interesting in driving one of their COT (Car of Tomorrow) cars in which you take passengers for a ride around the track. So he went back to Loudon to drive Kyle Busch’s #18 M&M car which is set up with a passenger seat. He arrived at around 9:35 a.m. and was asked to get his driver uniform on ASAP as they had paying passengers ready to go.

“He got suited up and walked around the car for a visual inspection — then informed the crew chief that the car was not safe as he noted a cracked right front hub which was missing a lug nut and stud. They immediately replaced and corrected that problem. All the feedback from that day was great and he has been asked to go to Charlette Motor Speedway in November for the same gig and perhaps Los Vegas Speedway as well. It pays to pay attention to detail!

“Not bad for a family team working out of our residential garage.”