Mt. Hope Unified Basketball team takes heartbreak 52-25 loss to CF

Mt. Hope’s unified basketball coach, Tom Fullen, didn’t mince words when it came to summarizing the Huskies’ 52-25 loss to Central Falls on Wednesday, April 24.

“(They) just didn’t do anything right. Missed layups, missed easy shots, even missed their free throws. They didn’t play a lick of defense,” Mr. Fullen said of his team.

The typically supportive coach was voicing the same frustration that the players felt after the loss in which Central Falls’ players couldn’t miss a shot.

“Central Falls just did everything right,” Mr. Fullen said. “They played good ‘D’, I don’t think they missed a shot other than one free throw. Mt. Hope played their worst game in three years.”

Leading scorers for Mt. Hope were Randy Pullen, 19 points; Jared Tweedy, 4 points; Brandon Palmeria, 2 points.

The Huskies, with their 3-3 record will face Pilgrim High School whose record stands at 2-3, on Wednesday, May 1. The final home game of the season is also senior’s night which always proves to be an exciting time. All are invited to attend and fill the stand to cheer on the Huskies before they move onto the playoffs. Game begins at 3:30 p.m.

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