Letter to the Editor

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  1. Rick Neal said:

    A Country of Two Flags

    I find it harder and harder to understand our country and the people who run it and then this thing with the Confederate Flag happens and it seems we are totally lost as a country. Are we allowing to much government intervention into our lives, be it State or Federal? It seems that some people truly believe that the taking down of the Confederate Flag will change things, that’s hard to believe. Peoples beliefs and thinking will not change, it will continue to fester and grow as long as the Politics of the times keep the American people divided. The Confederate Flag is hated because most people think it represent slavery, but that is really not true. If you believe that, you would have to believe that the American Flag also represented slavery since the North did have slaves. Others point to the KKK as an example of the Confederate Flag’s representation of hate and racism which certainly did happen, but that was not the original purpose of the flag, and once again if you follow this logic, the American Flag can be seen in the same light for it’s decimation of the Native Americans. So why do we forgive the North and not the South! Why do we not condemn the American Flag like we do the Southern Flag (Confederate)? We all know why! We can not admit that things were done under our Flag that are just as serious as were the things done under the Confederate Flag. In doing so we would have to admit that all of our beliefs in our country are false! We can not and will not do that because that is admitting to being the same as the Southern Confederacy, not going to happen. So what do we do instead! We deflect reality with untruths and rhetoric about it all. We wash our hands and point our finger at the South and scream “Racist, Slave Owner and so forth. We take away their symbol that has the right to fly with the American Flag, we threaten to take away statues and monuments, in other words we threaten removal of these places not because they are socially wrong, but because of the Political times, the need for politicians to garner votes and what better way than to appease the public even though the question remains, why the Confederate Flag and not the American Flag?


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