Letter to the Editor

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  1. Susan Chapman Bianchi said:

    I have recently found out that Citizens Bank had a big lawsuit against them for over charging, If you held a Citizens Bank account January 1, 2002 and August 13, 2010, or a Charter One consumer deposit account accessible with a Charter One debit card between July 25, 2005 and August 13, 2010, and paid overdraft fees, you may be a member of the Settlement Class. I found out that checks started to be mailed back last Sept. 2013 and was mailed to myself and to my daughter to the address we had lived at back at that time. We have not lived there in several years, so we had no idea, You can contact them to get info weather you are eligible and if a check did get mailed. You should hurry though final settlement checks are being sent out within a month, After all it is your money that you are getting back from them: Email address info@citizensoverdraftsettlement.com and there mailing address is: please submit a signed written request to the Settlement Administrator at Citizens Bank Overdraft Settlement, PO Box 3410, Portland, OR 97208- 3410, asking that a replacement check be issued and mailed to you. (888) 273-0426 or visit the website http://www.CitizensOverdraftSettlement.com.