1. NatvCapeCodr2 said:

    I was unable to submit this to “Letter to the Editor” sorry for the inconvenience.

    “The roads are terrible!” Sound familiar? No matter what town you live in this can be heard by any number of townspeople. I’m a Westport resident and it seems the people who are the most upset are the most vocal.

    We have all suffered through this miserable winter one snowstorm at a time and with all the snow, an enormous amount of responsibility falls on our Highway Departments.

    On Saturday Feb 15 we got dumped on again with almost a foot of snow in a very short period of time. In my line of work, I depend on our Highway Department to keep the streets clear. I want to say to the Westport Highway Department; You did an outstanding job, and with your skeleton crew and limited resources, you need to be commended for the job you did. The roads were passable throughout the night and by morning, it was obvious you worked diligently for hours and hours.

    Great job, and keep up the good work.

  2. Euclid said:

    How do I post a charity event benefiting a Wounded Warrior Project in August in East Providence? I registered but I do not see a spot to post in calendar and events? Thanks so much!! My phone 401-727-2727 my name Lisa Verducci Event Coordinator at Euclid Financial my email is lverducci@gilinow.com

  3. Christine Simons said:

    I have a pot hole in my road and I would like to have it fixed as soon as possible because it is an accident waiting to happen. Thank you, Christine Simons

    I posted the pics on facebook.