Meet Joyce Hughes: Boater, skier, mother, Realtor

Meet Joyce Hughes: Boater, skier, mother, Realtor

Joyce Hughes Residential Properties

Joyce Hughes
Residential Properties
Backstory: “I grew up in Barrington, the youngest of three. My dad was a contractor, and I went to Barrington High School, and then Bryant College, so I didn’t get too far from the nest. Then I married my husband, Greg. He was a Barrington firefighter, and we raised our family here.”

On her Barrington roots: “When I was a kid, I thought I would never stay here, but that’s exactly what I did. I have friends who have lived all over the world and think that Barrington is one of the most wonderful towns they have ever lived in. Sometimes it takes distance to get that perspective, but I certainly appreciate it now. It was recently named the sixth-best residential community in America.”

Children: “Greg and I have three: two sons, Brian and Scott, both studied engineering at URI. Scott’s an engineer in New York. Brian didn’t enjoy working in a corporate environment, so he started his own construction company. Our daughter, Bethany, got a degree in Public Health from Brown and is currently studying in a three-year program to become a physician’s assistant.”

Travel: “We’ve had a wonderful time traveling as a family — all over Western Europe, the Caribbean, Hawaii … and we love to get away closer to home, too. The kids grew up sailing at the Barrington Yacht Club, but we have a powerboat now. We love taking it out with friends, to Third Beach and Second beach. We have such amazing resources right here at home. That’s something I always remember and appreciate when I am showing properties to a client from out of town — they always ask to roll down the window so they can smell the ocean.”

Why real estate: “I’ve been doing this for 26 years and I love it. It’s a lifestyle for us. We renovated our first home on Maple Avenue. Iwas in pretty bad shape and we restored it. We have tended to move on to the next project after about five years. We’ll find something with good bones that needs work and is undervalued and we’ll start all over again, though we have been in the house we’re in now for about 10 years. It’s got an amazing view of the Warren River and Warren’s working waterfront, all year, from the ice on the river to the kids in Optis sailing out of the Barrington Yacht Club. I love it, but I love having a project too, so if it were up to me I’d move again, but Greg doesn’t want to. I think he plans to leave this house feet-first.”

On professional longevity: “I’ve been with Residential Properties for 18 years, which is a little unusual in the industry, but I love it here, I love going to work. I enjoy my colleagues, we have a great time, and our manager, Ian Barnacle, does a great job managing about 50 women, somehow. Barrington can take some credit too. It’s not difficult to sell real estate in a community people really want to live in. I’m very glad I found my niche.”

On rising to a challenge: “The 100-year flooding a couple of years ago was an absolute nightmare. I had seven listings, and all were flooded. The fire department was overwhelmed, and I had clients in their eighties and nineties whose basements had never flooded and now they had their keepsakes from their long lives, underwater. My husband and sons pooled all their resources and together we took care of my clients, and were able to help friends pump out too. It was so gratifying to work together and just deal with it.”

Sports: “I love yoga, biking, and jogging on the bike path. And we all love to ski. I think my favorite spots are Sugarbush in the East, and Alta in the West. I didn’t take it up until I was a little older, and it’s not the easiest thing to pick up as an adult. But I credit a friend who told me not to give up, it’s a sport you can do for the rest of your life, with your children and grandchildren. You can enjoy being together, out in the fresh air. Of course the ‘kids’ are all so much better than I am, I usually just see them at lunch!”

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