Meet Sandy Sullivan: Soccer Mom has two sons in school, one overseas

Meet Sandy Sullivan: Soccer Mom has two sons in school, one overseas

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Sandy Sullivan
Century 21 Rondeau Associates
Home: “I was raised in Barrington, went to Barrington High School, received an associate’s degree from CCRI and then a degree from RIC in business marketing.”

Family: “I met my husband Brian in college – he’s an environmental scientist with the Department of Environmental Management. We’ve been married for 30 years and have three sons, 26, 22, and 20 years old. The oldest is working and going to school, the second is a Marine currently serving in Afghanistan, and the youngest is also a student, on a soccer scholarship at Keene State College.”

Sports: “I love soccer – it’s absolutely my favorite sport. All my sons played premier, for Bruno United, as well as for Barrington High.”

Career path: “I’ve worn many hats! I worked for several years at Rhode Island Hospital as a unit manager, and then I worked as a manager in a private physician’s office. After I left there, I got the opportunity to actually use my degree, in the development office at St. Andrews School. When we wrapped up a capital campaign, it was another good time for a change. I’ve always been interested in real estate, and it has always been in the back of my mind as something I would like to try. At the time, the Century 21 office in Bristol, Rondeau Associates, was looking for someone to do administrative work. I worked toward my license to sell real estate, which I received in 2007.”

Favorite part of my job: “Meeting people, definitely. I find people fascinating, and I really enjoy meeting and getting to know all different types of people. I’ve made great friends and great connections in this work. Everyone loves working with first-time homebuyers, but everyone has a story, they are all different, and every one is special.”

In my free time: “I love summers, and salt air, and my husband’s family has a place in Westport, close to the Little Compton town line, and we enjoy the small private beach there. It’s a whole different world. My father has a place in Maine where he summers. It’s a lake house near Bridgeton. We’ll also visit my father in Florida in the winter, but other than that we don’t travel a lot. I’m a real homebody. In fact, my husband and I bought the house right next door to my childhood home in Barrington! We have so much right here in the East Bay. And besides, realtors don’t really have weekends.”

Work ethic: “I really pride myself on my work ethic. I listen to my clients and I give them 100 percent, always. I can honestly say I love my job, and I love the good feeling you get at the end of a sale, when you leave that closing and everyone’s happy. In 2010 I won the Quality Service Award for Century 21 in Rhode Island. It’s based on client surveys, and I received 100 percent from all my clients that year.”

The office: “I can’t work at home. I have to go in the office and focus on work, and then focus on home, at home. The owners and agents at Century 21 are wonderful – it’s a great place to be. Everyone is so supportive, and it’s nice to work collaboratively, and bounce ideas off each other.”

My mentors: “I live my life as my parents taught me. My father taught me to work hard, and my mother taught me to always treat others the way you want to be treated. Everyone loved my mother – she was always smiling, always laughing – and it’s all about the laughter.”