Meet Anthony Young: Realtor, woodworker, father of 3

Meet Anthony Young: Realtor, woodworker, father of 3

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Anthony Young
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HOMETOWN: “I’m from England, originally. A town called Lincoln, in East Anglia. I’ve been living in Bristol for the past 10 years. In between, I spent 18 years in Bermuda.”

FAMILY: “My wife Lucia (Barboza) and I have been married 19 years, and we have three sons. Brian is 17 and studying at Rhode Island College, Drayton is in the eighth grade at Kickemuit Middle School, and Christian is a first-grader at Colt Andrews.”

SCHOOL: “I finished school in England, and I studied hotel and food management.  It was a short career – one year. As it turns out, I did not enjoy the work. I moved to Bermuda and started working at a roofing and maintenance company, which I ended up running. We maintained military installations, primarily a U.S. base which has since closed.

LIVING IN BERMUDA: “I met my wife in Bermuda. She has lots of family there, and was a bridesmaid in a relative’s wedding, and I was in the wedding party on the groom’s side. Our two older children were actually born there. They are American citizens, but our youngest likes to tell them that he is technically the only one of them eligible to run for President.”

REAL ESTATE: “We have always maintained a home in Bristol that we rented out for the years we were in Bermuda, but in 2003 Lucia convinced me to move here permanently. That’s when I got into real estate, and I have been with Coldwell Banker ever since. For the last seven years Mary Ann Sousa has been my business partner — she has been working in this industry for more than 20 years.”

TODAY’S MARKET: “I’m a very easy-going person. I know that if someone chooses to work with me or not, I won’t take that personally one way or the other. You have to treat it like a business decision, because that’s what it is. And now is a great time to buy. Lenders aren’t making loans as readily as they were before the housing crash, but if you qualify, the rates are incredibly low. Artificially low.”

WOODWORKER: “I really enjoy woodworking and renovation. On the side, I do some property management and I’m currently putting a new bathroom in a Little Compton property I manage. And when I lived in Bermuda I used to work a lot with Bermuda cedar, making things like clocks and picture frames.”

SPORTS FAN: “I have always liked soccer, as a player and spectator. I was never into American football before, but I’ve become a fan. It’s even becoming popular in the United Kingdom. You see Richard Branson chatting with Bob Kraft in his box at Patriots games? He’s planning to start a football team in the UK.”

TRAVEL: “We like to travel, and have gone back to Bermuda, as well on as on Caribbean cruises. We all went to the Azores a few years ago, for about 16 days. Lucia came from there when she was about two, and this was her first trip back. The boys loved it and are still talking about it. They understand Portuguese, Lucia is fluent. But I think my Portuguese might be even better. There is a big Portuguese population in Bermuda. When I was running the maintenance company, I had about 11 Portuguese-speaking employees and I got tired of listening to them talk about me. So I learned the language.”