Letter: You just can’t believe anyone anymore

To the editor,
The good, hardworking citizens of the City of East Providence should be outraged, as am I, that the state appointed Budget Commission has submitted, approved (with little or no discussion) and paid a bill of nearly a quarter of a million dollars for their services.
This after it was publicly stated and reported many times that the city would not be billed for those services. Mr. O’Keefe stated when asked about this matter “Well, the state decided that the effort was more than expected.”  Really??  What in the world did the state expect when they forced the city to come under control of the Budget Commission?  I understand these people have a thankless and difficult job. But for the state to submit a bill for their services after they have closed our libraries, cut school funding of text books and sports and otherwise reduced city services, is unconscionable.
That quarter of a million dollars would have gone a long way toward reinstating and maintaining the level of service the citizens of this city should expect and receive.  It is also my understanding that the wages of those people were paid by the state.
So where did our $250 thousand go? Guess we’ll never get a straight, honest answer on that either.   You just can’t believe anyone anymore.
Robert Amman
East Providence

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