Letter: When taxpayers say no, teachers help fill the gap

Letter: When taxpayers say no, teachers help fill the gap


To the editor:

Thank you for showcasing recent events at Westport High School. The citizens of Westport can be proud of this outstanding school and I appreciate your efforts to keep us informed.

Many thanks to the McGonigle family of Westport for views in your recent letter.  I hope other residents of our town will make the effort to support the much needed budgetary help for all departments. I applaud you for believing in our future and especially for speaking out for our schools.

In response to a member of the Westport Tax Association (Bruce Burdett article on page 8 that refers to  defeat of tax override) I would say, “the gloom and doom and then life goes on” is simply because the educators in Westport truly care about the students and therefore the town.  They continue to step up each time funds are cut — year after year!

They do not give up and work just the hours for which they are scheduled. They continue to do the extras: take work home daily, sponsor and support after school activities and parent nights; attend family nights and schedule volunteer workshops; spend own monies on school supplies and fundraisers and attend sporting and arts events.

Being angry about a fireboat or flat screened televisions sheds a negative light on where our focus should be, and that is working together to support our schools!  This will inevitably benefit our town.

I urge all voters to support the town in our increasing budgetary needs.  Please do not be shortsighted and cheat our future for the sake of a few dollars.  I support Westport with “my time, my energy, and even my money” as was so aptly stated by Ms. McGonigle.  I have done so for 47 years.

Inge DeFusco