Speak-out: Prompt plows, slow cops

I just want to thank and compliment the hard work of the Bristol Public Works Department. All too often these days, public employees are not given the credit they deserve. But I travel throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts, and I have to say that no town compares to Bristol. I live in Mesa Farms and promptly the snow was cleared and the storm drains were accessible. So keep up the great work. Thanks.

I’m calling about the party on Sousa Street that continues to call police. I believe that the person that’s calling has a legitimate reason to call, they have a right to live in peace. It’s unfortunate that they’re stating that the police find it unfounded, but it’s because the police take too long to come and these people have scanners that let them know the police are on the way, so they become like little lambs, nice and quiet. But these people on Sousa Street have a right to call. They have a right to live in peace. And if they need to call police, then they should call them. And if the police find it unfounded, like they do on every other street that they go to report the complaints, it’s because they come too late. Thank you.

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