Speak-out: Big Brother watching, chief marshal deserving

Speak-out: Big Brother watching, chief marshal deserving


The article regarding PUTTING CAMERAS ON THE TRAFFIC LIGHTS is very concerning because they open up a whole can of worms as far as accuracy and what not. I also find it ironic to hear that — and again, I’m an advocate for technology — but I think it’s ironic that on page 1 we’re looking to increase the budget for our police officers but on page 2, we’re looking for technological ways to limit their utility. So on two levels, very concerning

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I’m in Florida but I am a Bristol resident. My daughter just mailed me the April 9 edition of the Phoenix. I noticed in the Speak-out, someone was complaining about the 4TH OF JULY CHIEF MARSHAL BEING A POLITICIAN. I believe if someone looks at the recordds, we have had other politicians, maybe not on a state level but we’ve had town politicians that have been the chief marshal. So if this gentlemen is deserving of it for all the work he has done for the state of Rhode Island and especially the Bristol veterans, he deserves this honor. Maybe they need to become chief marshal if they’re so adamant about this.

This past Sunday, which was a beautiful day in Bristol — a beautiful day to be in downtown Bristol — I was with some out-of-town friends just enjoying walking on Hope Street, explaining why Bristol is so patriotic, even pointing out the red white and blue line in the middle of the road. My friend, a Marine — who says once a Marine, always a Marine — noticed the FLAG HANGING OVER OUR POST OFFICE. He was truly upset with its condition, and the fact that it must fly 24 hours a day, rain or shine. It is frayed, ripped and faded. For a town that lives and breathes patriotism, I think this is a disgrace. The road line could probably fade, but I think the flag should not. I think the Bristol Post office should replace that flag and take it down every night.

Just because our BRISTOL GROCERY MARKETS have more stuff to choose besides food doesn’t mean we are poorly served. It might be useless to you to see but for those who cannot travel outside of Bristol, it’s convenience. What do you mean about Seabra’s silly feud; they fall short of the mark? Since the new owners of the store have started, they have improved their store and it’s more friendly and we have more choices. Nobody goes hungry. You wanted to know how Bristolians feel. Well, this is how I feel. And by continuing to shop at our Bristol stores, you keep them open, and not cause a hardship on those who taxi and bus there every week because they cannot drive.

Why do we need a PRINCIPAL, TWO VICE PRINCIPALS AND A DEAN at the high school? We need two vice principals at the high school? The principal at the high school can’t do his job? There’s got to be an investigation. There’s a lot going on at that high school and the superintendent is not investigating.