Perry brothers have had no affiliation with KPLL since 2000

Perry brothers have had no affiliation with KPLL since 2000


To the editor:

As most Bristolians are aware, two former residents, brothers Jesse and Richard Perry, have been arrested on multiple counts of 1st and 2nd degree child molestation. Since their arrests, there has been much coverage in the media, both in print and on television. Most if not all of this coverage has emphasized both brothers were employed by school systems and volunteered as Little League and Pop Warner coaches.

In the wake of recent incidents on the local and national level, it is understandable that residents and especially parents are concerned and interested in these arrests. The news coverage associating the accused with our children’s schools and youth sporting organizations is no doubt especially troublesome to parents. Unfortunately many accounts have painted a cloudy picture, leaving the reader or viewer wondering when they were coaches and if their children could have come in contact with the accused.

As president of King Philip Little League and on behalf of the board of directors, we feel it is important to clarify the statements linking the accused Perry brothers with King Philip Little League. While both brothers may have been involved in Little League in coaching and umpiring capacities in the past, we feel it important that parents and Bristolians be assured that neither accused has had any affiliation what so ever with King Philip Little League since the 2000 season, when I and the longest standing board member of KPLL started coaching.

Little League International, along with the Town of Bristol, both require background checks of national criminal and sexual offender databases be performed on all Little League volunteers. Only after passing these background checks are volunteers’ names brought forward for consideration for managing, coaching, or volunteer positions. Their selections are then weighed by the board  based on their baseball knowledge, integrity, and good standing within the league.

Little League Baseball is about introducing and teaching baseball, emphasizing good sportsmanship, learning the importance of teamwork, having fun, and building lasting and happy memories. It is the mission of the KPLL Board and the whole KPLL family to provide our children those opportunities and to do so in a safe environment, and we want to assure you we take that responsibility very seriously.


Mark DeFelice


President, KPLL 2013


  1. Mr DeFelice,
    While I appreciate your attempt, I do not know how this should elleviate concerns on the part of parents? What about prior to 2000?
    Also the “Perry Brothers” had NO record to be checked. So until very recently they could have passed your background check AND with their history and experience in the school systems etc… they very well could have gotten back into the KPLL system without suspicion.
    I appreciate your thought… but your words are merely that, Words.

    • To all that have replied,

      The reason for our email was simple and exactly what was intended. News articles and television reports have linked the accused to KPLL. My comments were to ensure parents who might be wondering if their children were put in contact with the accused by playing in KPLL.
      While I can’t reassure anyone who’s children played in KPLL or any other organization prior to 2000 I can ensure those who have been played since my involvement which began in 2000 that their children were not. And as a board and as President we felt that any parents who could be reassure should be. It was as simple as that.

      • So you can definitively state that Ric Perry never umpired an All-Star game, home or away, from 2000-2013?

        9/10 Minors, 10 Majors, 11 Majors, 12 Majors, Riverside Tournament – that’s 5 teams times 14 seasons. If every team averaged 3 games (modest assumption – double elimination, so one win with two losses), that’s over 200 baseball games. And Ric Perry never – not once – umpired a KPLL game?


        • This will be the one and only time I will reply to someone who doesn’t have the courage to put their name on what they write. Since 2000 The two accused Perry Brothers have NEVER unpired KPLL games. KPLL does not schedule umpires on the district, state, or national level. I can’t and answer for them. I can answer for KPLL. I also have been to many but not all All Star games and have never seen either of the accused umpiring or coaching at any. If they have umpired and coached at an All star level it was not for KPLL. My letter was to reassure based on fact. Yours obviously is to incite and cause panic based on inuendo and maybe’s.
          If you or any parents would like to speak to me regarding this issue and how it pertains to KPLL feel free to contact me. My email info is contained on the KPLL website and I will gladly speak with you via email or by phone provided I am told who i am speaking to.

  2. It’s clealy a case of CMA (covering my a**).

    Every one who knew them will now scatter (except for those few anonymous defenders in these threads).

  3. Woodward & Bernstein asked about Watergate, “What did the president know and when did he know it?” So what did King Philip Little League’s president and board know about Ric Perry and when did they know it? And what did they do about it?

    Because regardless of his KPLL status, Ric Perry maintained his affiliation with KPLL’s governing body, Little League International, as an umpire. He officiated games in their all-star tournaments in District 2 (Bristol County, Aquidneck Island, East Providence and Pawtucket) and even more prominently in the Little League World Series.

    What did KPLL do to ensure a safe environment for other children playing Little League? Did they inform Williamsport that their board didn’t consider Perry fit to serve?

    • It’s a shame when a volunteer KPLL board member tries to provide information to the public and then he’s slammed.

      Until recently law enforcement did not have enough information to press charges. The school departments in Bristol/Warren and Dighton/Rehoboth did not have enough information to move these men out of positions where they were involved with children. But somehow the current KPLL organization is being vilified when both men haven’t been involved in 12 years or longer?

      Give me a break. There should be outrage but it should be direct to the appropriate parties.

      • What’s really shameful isn’t when a KPLL volunteer is pressed for greater accountability but rather when young children aren’t sufficiently protected from known/suspected predators.

        Primary outrage is of course directed at Ric and Jesse Perry. They are where they belong at the moment and over time justice will be served.

        Judging from what the police and attorney general’s office have said as well as reaction on this site and others, there aren’t very many shocked by the allegations. Thus secondary outrage MUST be directed at the organizations who appear not to have done enough or as much as possible to protect the vulnerable. Not just KPLL, but perhaps football, YMCA, schools …

        So I’ll ask it again. What did KPLL do to ensure a safe environment for children playing Little League baseball everywhere? Did they inform Williamsport that their board didn’t consider Ric Perry fit to serve? Did they inform the regional office in Bristol, CT? Or did they choose not to get involved, enabling his continued involvement in Little League Baseball?

        And for the president, remaining anonymous has nothing to do with courage. I don’t want my child to suffer any repercussions when it comes to drafting majors or voting All-Stars because of my opinions.

        • BSfilter, you seem to know a lot about KPLL. Too much to not be involved yourself . In fact you admitted to being a parent at the very least. So I ask you. What did you do about the Perry Brothers? Did you call Bristol, CT? Did you call Williamsport? Did you call the superintendent of schools? Did you go to the police?
          My guess would be no. I think you are just someone who likes to hear himself or herself talk. Stir the pot….make yourself feel intelligent…… criticize the volunteer work of good people who give their time to your children so you can have something to ***** about. But of course you must have kept quite about it yourself so you wouldn’t ruin your childs chance of making the All Stars, or his place in the draft. Loathsome.

  4. BSFILTER – I think your filter has some holes and I guess I’m not connecting your dots.

    Specifically around youth sports, are you talking about what should have been done back when the Perry brothers were involved? Mark can’t speak to that and I don’t see how that relates to this letter and your comments. It’s my understanding that this was first investigated years ago and there were no arrests. What specifically should KPLL have told Williamsport?

    Could the police, if they had some evidence but not enough to press charges, have checked into Ric’s continued umpiring activities (outside of KPLL) or other interaction with youth? If the police couldn’t do it, if the schools couldn’t do it, what else could the current or recent KPLL organizations do? Again, I’d like to hear specifically what you would have said to Williamsport or the regional office.

    Luckily I believe your views are in the minority when it comes to the culpability of our current youth sports organizations. And it makes me wonder if perhaps you have some other motivations. What they could be I can only guess…

  5. As a victim, and reading all these comments, you kpll people can kiss my a@& !, i never played the sport but my 2 brothers and parents were very involved i was only 11, I WITNESSED INAPPROPIATE MASSAGING BY JESSE AND RICK, in the concession stand in front of a handfull of adults when kids got hurt, thier hands crossed the boundaries,and mark dont give yourself a party a molester does not wear a sign, in fact they are liked and trusted by people close to the victim, until the victims speak up, so dont be so sure there is not another one involved in kpll now, its a molesters dream job, they get the pick of the crop. YOU MAY EAT YOUR WORDS, just sayin, Wouldnt suprise me OPEN YOUR EYES, BE AWARE, LISTEN TO “SILENT WORDS” FROM CHILDREN, IF 3 BROTHERS CAN VIOLATE THOUSANDS OF KIDS IN THE SMALLEST TOWN IN THE SMALLEST STATE OF THE BIGGEST COUNTRY, IT CAN HAPPEN ANYWHERE, AND IT CAN HAPPEN AGAIN!!! YES IN BRISTOL, AGAIN, if they were victims it makes them that much sicker, the idea would NEVER enter my mind!!

  6. And mark, and bristol 99 whoever you are hiding behind that username, ask yourself this, if there were rumors, (wich there were about thier actions), would you wait until there were charges filed to keep them away from YOUR CHILDREN ?, i thought not

  7. Focus:

    Thanks but I was one if the first people to come forward in 2004.
    To mark and everyone trying to skirt responsibility. We as a town were responsible to a degree. Everyone knew and heard the rumors about them I just think we didn’t want to accept it.
    The only people responsible for molesting kids truly are the perpetrators.

  8. Dokken, you are so right nobody is responsible, we all know the rumors existed in the 80s when we were in high school and long since already been violated, they remained in the youth programs, CMA is such an appropiate statement, i along with you and others also part of the original complaints will now get what we sought years ago, it going to be long awaited justice for all ! And to those who protect, defend, and think if more people had the “hearts of these men” its your choice to do so, so by some miricale they get off, im sure they will be willing to babysitt yours sons if you need them to, FREE OF CHARGE BECAUSE YOUR SONS WILL PAY !!!!!!!!

  9. I am sure that all those who were subjected to the abuse of the Perry brothers and any pedophile for that matter live with that everyday. It is a terrible and heinous thing that was done to innocent boys and is reprehensible. I also am sure it was very hard for all of you to come forward, and you should be commended and admired for having the courage to do it. And you are doing your community and all other little boys a great service by helping to ensure the Perry brothers are not able to hurt anyone else.

    I have read the responses to this and other articles and I read the words of Jim Philips and I respect what he has written and hope that this helps him and others in see justice done and hopefully gives them some comfort and closure.

    But as I read the words of Dokken and especially Rick I lose that respect. I am sure you are angry but to blame anyone and everyone for what happened is wrong. To blame volunteers in organizations who came years after the Perrys were involved and never allowed the Perrys to coach. To blame “a whole town” because they had heard rumors. To actually say “so by some miricale they get off, im sure they will be willing to babysit yours sons if you need them to, FREE OF CHARGE BECAUSE YOUR SONS WILL PAY !!!!!!!!” You speak of the horrors that were done to you then you speak about the same happeneing to others children because they volunteer in an organization now that you blame for something that happened to you many years ago when these volunteers were also children.

    I hope when all this is done and hopefully the Perry’s are found guilty of the crimes they committed you can find a way to let go of the misplaced anger you feel toward equally innocent people, most who are good and give their time to help children, not hurt them.

  10. alan, i am not blaming anyone, but when the president says they do checks on volunteers and their children are safe he is not only wrong but niave the perrys all would have passed checked and there is nothing wrong with any of my comments, the remark about babysitting if you can read and understand english was directed to the supporters and defenders of the perry brothers, not that i need to explain myself to you, its obvious to me you just personally dont like me. oh well, im not gona loose sleep over it

    • Rick, not sure where you read Mr. DeFelice say your children are safe. What he said was:

      “It is the mission of the KPLL Board and the whole KPLL family to provide our children those opportunities and to do so in a safe environment, and we want to assure you we take that responsibility very seriously”

      Have you heard of anyone being abused in KPLL post 2000? Aren’t the backround checks and panel of Board members reviewing each candidate positive and pro active steps to HELP ensure that a child molester not be appointed a coach? Are they not taking steps to ensure that the children who play in KPLL are safe?

      What are they supposed to say….. no your children’s safety is not important to us. No your children aren’t safe. Don’t let your child play in KPLL because there was a child molester who coached there 20 years ago.

      I think what Mr. DeFelice was trying to say is that while there might have been issues in the past. (In fact the KPLL Board members were children just like you) But NOW we do what is humanly possible to thry to ensure your child’s safety.

      And lastly the question that I have heard asked by multiple people. What more can KPLL or anyone be expected to do besides what is being done? You seem to be quick to say that children aren’t safe. That KPLL and other organizations are naive and wrong, yet you and no one that I have read has offered one idea. Instead you just throw out inuendos and accusations like CMA and infering that people are trying to skirt responsibility. I think being pro active and reasuring is just the opposite.

      Can anyone or any organization guarantee someones safety? NO, but that doesn’t mean they are doing anything wrong or skirting responsibility.

      So I ask you Rick.
      What are your suggestions? How can KPLL make KPLL more safe for thier participants? What are they doing that doesn’t try to ensure childrens safety?
      And please don’t reference the 1970’s That was then this is now

  11. and for the record MANY others have read my comments and commend me for them and agree, you are entitled to your opinion and im not on here to argue someones personal opinion, just to state mine wich im entitled to, so if your offended i appoligize

  12. A quick work of advice to Rick – you can’t expect to be taken seriously if you can’t even form a coherent sentence or present an intelligently thought out answer to fairly straightforward and relevant questions.

    If you lived in town all this time and went about your life day to day – WHERE WERE YOU with the supposed news about Rick for twenty years!? It’s not like the guy was hiding out.

    All I read from you and Don Dokken is how these brothers molested THOUSANDS OF KIDS. I find that a bit far fetched and honestly it casts doubt on the whole witch hunt itself. You should put all of your facts on paper, memorize them, and then stay on point without shooting yourself in the foot to be preserved forever on the Internet.

  13. Faul, witch hunt?? Really?? You believe this is a witch hunt?? If you were not there behind closed doors, you’re opinion really doesn’t have value, and whether someone can form a coherent sentence or not has absolutely nothing to do with being sexually abused! It is ignorant people, like yourself, who are willing to turn a blind eye!! Just because all this came out years after it occurred does not mean that it did not happen, I was a victim, and believe me, it happened! Did I spell everything correctly for you?? Was this coherent enough for you??

  14. thank you jim……

    deerest faul, i cam forwed yeers ago sew git yur faks strait, ignorence reely dosn’t deserv a responce. oops that shud bee a cama, i donte no any1 whoe dosnt mak typos or properlly punkuates on thee net. and as bad as was in english, i dont remember a phrase “work of advice” either, but hay ime knot that brite annyways rite, maybe its because i went to public schools, so you can blame my parents. and to belittle someone or discredit them because of their IQ further shows YOUR ignorance, not mine,

  15. Rick, I can’t begin to imagine what you have gone through and are going through. I commend you and all the victims that have come forward. I read a statement you made in the paper that said if you coming forward and speaking saves just one child…..well you have probably have just saved many. I’m sorry for your pain and hope you can continue to heal.

    • Just like I thought, can’t come up with a clever or legit answer to why neither of you ever called anyone you chastised others for not calling so, NOW you remain quite. BSFilter, you must have filtered all that BS and hung on to it, because you are full of it.