Oldham Elementary parent asks to save the East Providence school

Oldham Elementary parent asks to save the East Providence school


To the editor,

Last night (Jan. 23) there was a meeting at the Riverside Middle School about closing Oldham School in East Providence. The superintendent was charged with making the decision which school should go.

Oldham is one of the few schools that gets funds from Title 1 will also lose their the funding if they are merged into Waddington as proposed. Waddinton is fighting for and has been denied the smart boards and computers that Oldham received from Title 1 and will not be able to go with the kids.

Currently Oldham is the the highest scoring school in East Providence and the teachers and students figured out how to make it work with a different principal every year. Someone also brought up the $2.1 million (in bond money) voted on to fix the school which has disappeared. That is the supposed reason for the closing.

East Providence has done everything to destroy this school and they have risen above it. Hennessey is failing and their reward is more funding. I have contacted (State Department of Education Commissioner) Deborah Gist also as this is a gross example of what is wrong with education in East Providence. I believe Oldham is also a part of the Race to the Top.


Carol Cunha