Newspaper’s photographer brings humanity to print

To the editor:

Weekly, in Bristol Phoenix, I look for a cause celebré in Bristol town that would illicit a special photo by Richard W. Dionne, Jr. — seems to me his work is humanity in print. Persons caught by lens in an instant, reflecting the gamut of emotions — triumph, exultation, pure happiness, defeat, victory, love, pride, deep feelings all. Right there on the page.

A few weeks ago, there were the Cub Scouts, shiny with pride, smiling the joy of filling Thanksgiving baskets for the needy.

And more recently, on the front page, was what I thought to be his triumph photo, true Americana, Norman Rockwell style. There was giant New England Patriot Ron Brace giving muscle-flexing exercises to eager young Rockwell students, and in the front, a pony-tailed young miss proudly flexing right back! Super!

So kudos to the talented two — Richard Dionne, Jr. and his camera. Long may they entertain and reflect us!

Sally Wilson


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