New look for East Bay Newspapers and

New Barrington Times

The new Barrington Times.

East Bay Newspapers made a few small but noticeable changes to the front page of its newspapers and its website this week. The website is now powered on a WordPress platform, with enhanced versions for tablets and smart phones.

The red Eastbayri brand shown throughout this site continues on the front pages of all newspapers, which also changed this week (shown here at right).

We’re interested in hearing what you think of the new design and the new site. Post your comments below, or let me know directly at 401-424-9115, or

– Scott Pickering
General Manager



  1. Warrenite25 said:

    I’m disappointed that there is such limited coverage of local sports now that the new layout has been unveiled; I saw that one of your reporters was at the most recent Mt. Hope football game against Tolman, but I have not seen any story about that game, or much else about other local varsity sports this fall.

    The layout of the new site looks good, but PLEASE bring back the coverage you had of local varsity sports. Aside from keeping up with standings, the kids love to see their names, as well as the names of their teammates and coaches in black and white for all to see. It’s a great way to motivate, encourage and energize our local youth sports teams.

  2. Agosto said:

    Too confusing. Each page has to be refreshed in order to read it. No matter where I go on this site there is very little positive,

  3. darkside said:

    You have made it more difficult for anyone to blogg by giving them a password that is complicated. One reason for many bloggers switching from Patch to East Bay was because we knew one of the authors had our bloggs deleated who is running for office.
    The Post is more honest in this respect to bloggers.
    Please go back to the old way by letting people pick their own password otherwise you are going to loose readers on line, they will go back to Patch to blogg about a story.
    I also agree with Agosto.

  4. Scott Pickering said:

    Darkside, thanks for the feedback. You can easily change your password to something you will remember. Once you log into the site for the first time, just click on your name in the upper-right corner. This opens your Profile page. Scroll to the “Password” section and enter a new password. This will become your password for every time you visit our site.

  5. papaguss said:

    As far as the web site goes…Great Job.
    As far as the NHew heading on the newspapers…..FORGET IT go back to the old style.It makes the paper look distinguished, as it should look.

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