‘Making Memories’ at Bay View

On a recent Sunday afternoon two friends joined my wife and me as we attended the musical revue “Making Memories,” this year’s entry in the thirty-first Manhattan at the Bay production at Bay View Academy. It was overwhelming!
The girls of Bay View, under the superb direction of Christine Kavanagh, performed a brilliant non-stop production of a cabaret revue, so wide and packed with performers that, at times, it seemed we were watching and hearing a twelve-ring circus!
The ensembles were exciting and the soloists — to every single young woman — brilliant.
Most entertainments which take a cabaret or musical revue format suffer from the “blackouts” or action pauses required to go from one musical show to another. Not so here. These numbers were so arranged that one number led seamlessly into the next. The audience could hardly catch its breath between numbers, and one wonders how the performers could “change gears” (let alone costumes) so quickly.
The reason my party had gone to the cabaret in the first place was to watch one of the young singers in our church choir perform.                 Ophelia Fernandes — always excellent in our Sunday’s choir — was breathtaking on the cabaret stage, focusing on the action when her share of the audience’s attention was meant to be small and taking over the whole stage when she had been given a leading role in a song.
We never had a moment to be disappointed in her performance!  To top off the evening, Karen Mellor (of Avenue A), was the percussion section in the excellent orchestra directed by Diane Gualtieri. I first knew Karen as a show drummer when she was 16.
Next year when you note Bay View Academy is performing “Manhattan at the Bay,” be certain to plan to go (and buy your ticket early!). You won’t be disappointed.
— Bill Grandgeorge


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