Looking to start a neighborhood community garden in Bristol

Looking to start a neighborhood community garden in Bristol


To the editor:

In this time of economic distress and financial uncertainty, more and more families are finding it difficult to provide basic needs for their families, especially when purchasing food. In an effort to help east the distress, the Town of Bristol is exploring the possibility of establishing a neighborhood community garden. The program would be open to any Bristol resident or family, regardless of economic status. Many families in town resident in rental properties and have limited or no-access to back yards for planting. This initiative would offer renters and homeowners with limited yard space a chance to grown their own produce, which would ease the cost of purchasing food, teach valuable skills of planting and harvesting, canning, preserving, and land/water conservation.

The idea has been quite successful in communities around the country where back yard space may be non-existent. The Southside Community Land Trust in Providence is a great example of this successful neighborhood initiative, with about 25 gardens around the city. Gardens have also been developed in Warren, Bristol (For the RI Community Food Bank), Portsmouth and Middletown. At the moment, we are still exploring site locations and fine-tuning our guidelines and policies for participants. Our first step is to determine the level of interest in such a project. If you are interested in becoming a plot-holder, or know of someone interested, please call my office, 401-253-4831, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 1 p.m.


Ed Carusi


Town of Bristol Human Services and Welfare Department