What has Rose really done?

What has Rose really done?


To the editor,
After reading the article on September 20th, “Primary Winners Still Bask in the Glow of Results”, I must tell you, you struck a nerve.
For the most part I found the artiicle interesting and informative until you got to Ward 3, Mr. Rose and his comments. At that point, I damn near fell off my chair. Mr. Rose talks about all the things he has worked so hard on and all the things he has accompished while sitting on our city council. What? Say that again.
I have been to the majority of the council meetings and I haven’t seen anything of the such Mr. Rose. I have seen you do nothing but “second the motion” and stare out into God knows where during the meetings. You say, and I quote, “The people are still happy with what I’m doing for the city”. Back up Mr. Rose, not ALL the people are happy with you.
Really, what have you done? We got things like, the new towing company your father bought. Which by the way, you never got a decision by the Ethics Commission, it was a tie vote which is just as good as a violation. We were able to read about you “forgetting” to pay your fines to the Elections Board because you were too busy working with constituents. We heard all about your brainchild, the Labor Day parade, that, by the way, DID cost the city. We used city vehicles and a fire truck which we, the residents paid for the fuel. Thanks. We are still waiting on your brilliant garden idea for the Pierce Field area which seems to have gone to the wayside. This is a genuine thank you for that. I have never once seen you at a Budget Commission meeting however after those meetings I did see you wandering around city hall downstairs having a grand old time. And now you’re determined to get the “bump” in Pawtucket Ave fixed. News flash, Pawtucket Ave has a million bumps, which bump really gets your goat that you need to spend time on it? Don’t concern yourself with the next fiscal budget, the Budget Commission will handle it, thank God.
You also state in the article, and again, I quote, “I represent the entire city.” When the residents of ward 1 were arguing Pond View you couldn’t have cared less. When they passed pictures on to you, you basically closed your eyes to them and hurriedly passed them on to the next person. Where the hell were you for those residents? You never stuck up for them and I believe you never had any intention of helping them.
You never talked budget, finances or consolidation. Those ideas don’t seem to be in your relm of thinking. You did speak about accountability. And when can we expect that from you?
And for those of you who are wondering, yes, I am supporting Candy Seel. The least I can do is support someone who has the intelligence, the passion and the drive to get this city back on track, someone who WILL support the residents of this city.
Lynn Miller
East Providence


  1. Ms. Miller where have you been, we certainly have been missing your letters. You hit the nail on the head again with Mr. Rose he has done nothing for this city since he took office. Mr. Rose I don’t know if anyone told you that Pawtucket Ave. is a state road and it is the state’s job to fix those pot holes, not the city’s.
    A counciman who preaches about accountability at a council meeting. Well Mr. Rose you probably should preach accountability to your family who owes this city thousands of dollars in back taxes. Let’s hold your family accountable. If all this back taxes were collected from people who do not live in this city yet owned property here, then maybe we could have the council meetings stream lined again for the residents to watch from home, maybe we could reinstate middle school sports again. Mr. Rose you are a hugh part of this city’s problems. Time for Tommy to go !!