What do we really know about Doherty?

What do we really know about Doherty?


To the editor,
What do we really know about Brendan Doherty?
We know he is a retired colonel in the Rhode Island State Police. We know his wife believes him to be a loving husband and doting father. These things are commendable. But Brendan Doherty has admitted that, if elected to represent the First Congressional District in Rhode Island, he will support the policies and agenda of the Romney-Ryan ticket. That means ensuring that Boehner, Ryan and Cantor remain in power to continue to advance their agenda, regardless of how Mr. Doherty might vote on specific bills. That, to me, is a very, very scary thought.
While Romney-Ryan claim they will not destroy Social Security and Medicare as we know it, they also are considering administering a voucher system for our seniors (I admit that I am one of them) and allowing younger folk to invest their money in the stock market instead of paying into Social Security.  I have heard from people far more expert than I that a voucher system will cost senior citizens more and they will get less. And what will happen to those of the younger generation if this so-called investment system fails? They haven’t paid into Social Security; do they get left out in the cold when they become old because they were forced to participate in something untried and very risky if it fails? Are they allowed to collect Social Security if they haven’t contributed? Scary thought.
I listened to Mr. Doherty’s sound-bite following the primary election results. When asked if he planned to follow Anthony Gemma’s agenda in attacking David Cicilline, he stated that he planned on sticking to the issues, and then proceeded to tell us that those issues dealt with Congressman Cicilline’s alleged failings two years ago while mayor of Providence. This is old business, this has been addressed sufficiently, and we need to move on. The Congressman has been in Washington for two years, has an established record representing us in the Capitol, and has numerous concrete ideas to move Rhode Island forward. What does Mr. Doherty offer? He has no track record as an elected official by which we may judge his approach or his thinking process. He is a blank slate and I am certain that it is not in our best interest to gamble on the unknown for such a high level elective office. Scary thought.
I know there are people out there who do not like David Cicilline. I have spoken with some of them. When I ask them why, the answers are often vague, but most will admit it is because of what they perceive were the Congressman’s costly mistakes in Providence.  Previously, I had written that as mayor, Mr. Cicilline played only a small part in Providence’s financial woes; he inherited a corrupt city government deep in debt, the governor made deeps cuts to funding for all cities and towns, and the national economy was spiraling downward. The city council holds the fiduciary responsibility for the city. And, contrary to what Mr. Doherty believes, the Congressman has already apologized for his choice of words describing the state of Providence.
So, get over it, folks! This election is too critical to become a popularity contest! We need to re-elect Congressman Cicilline. If you wish to maintain sovereignty over your body, if you do not want someone else to dictate who you may or may not love, if you are a senior citizen, a woman of any age, a pro-labor supporter or active union member, a hard-working member of the declining middle class, a student relying on a Pell Grant, and you have no faith in trickle-down economics to resolve your finances, you simply cannot vote to send another Republican to Congress!
Wendy Caputo
1357 Wampanoag Trail


  1. One must remember that Cicilline had no experience the first time around. As mayor of Providence he left that city on the brink of bankruptcy. He has lied to voters face to face at the last election. When in East Providence touring the city in the summer of 2011 who did he walk the streets with, none other than the corrupt councilman Rogers and Rose, not the residents. Corruption walks with corruption.
    At least Doherty is a man of integrity who deserves a chance to show the people what he can do. Doherty has already stated he will not repeal Obama care unless he has a better plan.
    So get over it Wendy, people in this city know we need change, and the sea of red and white is a Townie color like it or not.

  2. This is just a quick response to the above captioned article. To be totally honest about it, I must admit that I have known Brendan Doherty most of my life, but you would have to be crazy to think I am the type of person who would support someone just for that reason. That being said:

    Ms Wendy Caputo’s letter-to-editor is well written from a general standpoint of grammar; as such as those things are generally viewed today, but her lack of critical thinking or simple logical is like that of a person suffering from some sort of liberal “media brainwashing.” Her mind seems clouded by the standard propaganda of the RI Democratic Party’s fuzzy-logic talking points, and certainly not reality.

    Brendan Doherty abilities are not only evident in his past service to the citizens of Rhode Island, but also his intelligence, personal courage, and moral fiber as well. Virtually every politician in the State’s government had to approve his appointment as the State’s director of public safety! And they gladly did so.

    She would have us think that a proven libertine, leftist mob-lawyer with a history of corruption; or at least history of all ways looking the other way, is preferable to someone with no history of violating the public trust?

    How stupid would we have to be to think like that!

  3. Ahhh, where do I begin to respond to this letter? Mr Doherty has been too much of a respectful person to begin his campaign with the negative ads that Cicilline’s camp has been sending. Hopefully, the gloves are off. I deplore negative ads but when i see how Cicilline has conducted himself and his campaign with a barrage of negative ads, I truthfully want to throw up. Cicilline has done nothing, nothign to help the people of Providence or Rhode Island at all. He has only helped the criminals he defended and protected. I know of three cases where Cicilline defended the low life scum bags involved in domestic violence tragedies. This more than anything proves he is no friend to women! He is a blatent liar who will do and say anything to get a vote. Id Rhode Islanders vote him back in after all that he has done and not done, then we deserve to continue to be at the bottom in economic recovery, and continue to be one of the highest in unemployment. Is that what Rhode Islanders want?